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Cool package, my friend! Very well done! :)

Nice! Well done!

Excellent work!

Amazing Pack! Excellent work!

Great pack! Wish u thousands of sales mate :)

Great work! as always :)

Excellent Work !!! Congrats!

Looks great!!! :)

Awesome work bro! :)

Very nice job!!

fun and well done!

Nice one Bill

This is awesome. Is it possible to drop our 2d logo in, and it spits out the 3d version, or do we need to do that animation ourselves?

Thank you for your interest !
Yes,you simply drag and drop your logo and you are done !
You also have the option to select between premade animations and the extrude amound with simple controllers (video tutorial is included )
Regards ,Billaras

This is positively outstanding Billaras!

Thank you Tommy, this is the Vibe !

Can change all text? Is it FullHD or 4K?

Yes , all text and logos are editable to you your needs .
The resolution is FHD, we plan on a 4K update in the future
Thank you for your interest. Regards Billaras

Hi the logo is not a text but a PNG file. Cannot edit the logo. I thought the logo is a text and we can add our own text to it.

I cannot find logo holder comp, there is only logo transitions, logo bumper and logo corner. I do not have skype.

Kindly tell me how to do separate the introduction logo, logo transitions and other files. I do not want to the entire effects. I only want a few things like transitions, intro logo, but I am stuck.

The template is already separated in different smaller project files
There are 45 differend .aep files that do exactly what you need . Please take some time checking the video tutorials they will definitely help you to better understand the the template.