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Excellent idea! :))

Very good! Visit my music! Thanks!

Very good idea. Have a look for my business “i-walk tablet ad” video:

haha… Awesome!

Hello, I have purchased the bundle and really looking forward to editing this. I was just wondering what program is best to work with this file?

Regards, Wes

Hello! It’s an After Effects project, so it can only be edited with After Effects.

Absolutely love what you did with this project. We got it through the video production bundle and used it for our business. Check it out!

It’s great that you found my project useful! Loved your video, but I noticed that you had some problems with hands movement that were out of sync with what’s shown on screen. You can watch instruction video to help you with adjusting of timings or you can turn them off. You can also contact me for customization service if you need it. Again, thanks for using my template for your business!

Hi I bought this in bundle and I love it but I need flip ipad to portrait position? I know it is not totally easy but what would be your suggestion?

Thank you so much….

Great idea. Nice job!)

Hi There, Nice job! Can you tell me if the ipad and hands are one picture or is it possible to separate out. I have been looking specifically for female ipad hand gestures. Thanks! Karen

Hello! Yes, ipad is separate picture that can be replaced with image of another tablet, but hand that holds it have a litle of ipad bevel for referencing purposes. Hand with finger is also a separate image, and it’s keyframed to look like gestures of slide and tap. So, if you need a hand gestures only, better look at some other great gestures stock videos here. Best regards, Alexander

is there a vertical ipad version? or is there a vertical iphone version? thank you

Unfortunately, there’s no vertical version, but project could be edited by rotating image of iPad and rotation and rearranging of the icons on homescreen. If you need customization service, you can contact me via contact form on my profile page.

Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;)

Hi There,

I had this included in the video production bundle some time back and just started to build something with it.

What is the tune you used in it please?

Cheers, Joe

Brilliant and thanks.

Great piece by the way.

Cheers, Joe

Hi Again,

I’m trying to understand where I add the audio sound track in the AE file.

I selected the audio placement option, selected the file and then rendered the piece but it didn’t include the audio to run with video.

Could you help and advise please.

Cheers, Joe

You can ignore that last message, I believe I’ve sorted it.

Cheers, Joe

how can i use only 5 placeholders ?

Hello, it’s designed for 10 placeholders. so easiest thing you can do is to render everything and then cut out part you don’t need, then render out that. Or you can do a more advanced customization with keyframes and frames. If you need customization, I’m available for hiring.

Hello, I have purchased this item via the Bundle last year and I have a question.

I am trying to figure out how to shorten the slide length, which I have found but it appears to be limited to 2 seconds per slide at the shortest, though in your video the last 4 slides seem to be around 0.5 seconds to 1 second long at most. How is this achieved?

Thank you

Hello, those 4 short slides are “outro” sequence, and are animated as such. You have option to use it as outro, or use regular one instead. It’s not so easy to shorten regular ones, but if you need customization, I’m available for hiring.

Hi Again, I’m struggling to increase the slides from 2s to 4s, but its the hand motion that I need to change and put in time with the length of the new slide time. I hope that makes sense.

Cheers, Joe

Hi, I’m interrested by this template but i have one question : is it possible to put the hands of the man everywhere // replace the hands of the woman by the hand of man ? Thks

Yes, it is possible. Just copy and paste all the layers that make hands from comps where man is shown. It should’t be a problem, but if you need customization service, contact me via contact form on my profile page.

Thks !