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Hi, I just send you an email !!

E-mail answered.

Hello, that’s a very nice project and I have a small question for you. It is also possible to upload a colored logo with details on it? For example a logo with a camera lens on it. Thank you in advance, I’m looking forward to purchase this item as well.

Hello, thanks for the kind comment. Sure, you can import any logo as long as it comes with transparent background/alpha. Let me know if you need any help further down the road.


So it won’t become a solid logo, right? I need it to show the details of my logo. Thank you in advance for your reply..

I just purchased it now, will see how it works and let you know if I need any help. Thank you.

It’s glass not metal :(

great file thanks

You are welcome!

Really awesome work man!!!!! keep it up :)

Well done man! Keep it up.

AMAZING! A purchase worth every penny! Hats off to your talent! I was wondering where I get the 3d intro ””replica” you speak of. Whenever I click the link it takes me back to your page?? Am I missing something? I really would like to get my hands on the intro as well! Keep up the amazing content!! Looking forward to your reply!

Hello, the project you purchased is the one I call “3D replica”. You already got it. Cheers!

hello, i would like to purchase your intro, but not this one i really like the last intro you make with your last releases can you update it ??

Hey the 3D logo in the beginning of some of the previews is not available for sale/download. Sorry about that.


Ah Ok,Thank You

So many details… Crazy. I love the choice of music, bookmarked!

Thanks, appreciate it.

Ah man, I was hoping this would be the same as your IT logo sting you use at the beginning of your videos with the clouds, light flares, tagline, etc. Would totally buy if it were more similar. Would even pay $40 for it.

The 3D logo used for intro of some of my templates is not available for sale. That’s why this replica was created. Sorry about that.

I agree w the last comment. I like the complete logo intro w flares light sweep and cloud backdrop. Is it available for purchase? Message me to discuss. Thanks. Seems simple enough to replicate w a trapcode light sweep lens flare and some clouds inverted if you can sell me the source files or let me know what effects, gen arts saphire etc but its more simple to purchase. lol. let me know thanks.

The 3D logo used for intro of some of my templates is not available for sale. That’s why this replica was created. Sorry about that.

Hey man, awesome intro, really like it. I would like to know if you can help me with something. I want to make my intro like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqJcUwZ2_RE (I want the texture to appear at the end). Can you help me with that?

Hello, please send me message via the contact form on my profile page.

Excellent After Effects work and great sountrack! Very epic.

Hi, do you offer customization? I would provide you with logo and text. The video can stay basically the same, maybe a background image, but that’s it. Thank you!

Beautiful work!

Hello Author, How are you. I have a little problem, I added your template to my cart for a late purchase and accidentally purchases all items on cart and now I am contacting the authors to let them know that I made an accidental purchase trying to chose a specific, is there a way I can get a refund back since I haven’t downloaded the project yet. I listed items to be purchased on schedule.