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Thanks a lot!

very very nice!

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Looks nice! Well done!

Thank you!

Friend, I wish you further promotion and constant inspiration. Stay always on the positive! ;)

Thank you very much!

It’s so cool. Can you show me how to turn off the 3D camera or the wiggle camera effect. It’s too long to render so I want to put it out (I mean the tape wiggles and it takes a lot of time to render). Thank you so much.

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That’s what I’m waiting for. So easy with your help. Thank you.

Thank you for bought! ;-) vote this template if you may it’s really important for me

I just purchased and what an awesome product this is, I love it! Now, I am having trouble figuring out how to stop the 3d camera movement and how to rescale and move the casette tape, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Thx for bought. Please vote this template if you can it’s really important for us.

Just did, all the best!

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Can I make multiple videos with this template and make it public on youtube?

I think – yes. Or…maybe you need to buy extended license. I don’t sure. Please read envato rules.

Hello, I just purchased this awesome project, but I was wondering is there a way I could change the BG the cassette sits on? I think its paper texture, so what if I wanted to add wooden texture for example, is it possible?