iPromote 5

iPromote 5

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Promote your app, service, website, product or virtually ANYTHING using this simple yet cool template that features a smart phone! Attract your audience’s attention and focus with iPromote 5! Features an array of stylish icons as well!


  • Black & white colour versions of the phone
  • Four project files – Each colour version has two project files (with motion blur and without motion blur for the phone)
  • 28 icons that you can use
  • iPromote 5 - 1
  • 9 social icons included as well
  • iPromote 5 - 2


  • Compatible with After Effects CS5 and above
  • Highly detailed phone model
  • All text is fully customizable(colour, font, size, etc)
  • Background colour, screen’s background and light colour is adjustable
  • All the text and logo on the back of the phone is customizable
  • Quick and easy customization; all under one control layer
  • All icons are customizable (colour & content), you can create/add in your own custom icons as well
  • Detailed and easy to follow step-by-step help file
  • Colour coded compositions for easy editing
  • No plugins needed
  • No pre-renders, the phone and the icons (with the exception of a few of the social icons) are made inside AE
  • 720p HD resolution
  • Font can be downloaded for free here: Geo Sans Light
  • Audio is not included:

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Interested in this project but don’t have After Effects? Contact me for customizations here!

Note: Render time is around 6-8 hours (with motion blur) or approximately half the duration (without motion blur)* on an Intel i7 @ 3.40GHz with 8GB RAM.

*Only disables motion blur on the phone’s movements; the text/elements on the phone screen will still have motion blur. Having motion blur makes the phone’s movements look better/smoother, but increases render time. Video shown in the preview has motion blur switched on.