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Very nice! Good luck man (Y)

Hi there!

Any chance of an update for the new iphone 6 model?


Submitting it tonight! So officially, it should be approved in a few days. However, since you’ve already bought it- PM me your email and I’ll give you the link once it’s complete!

It’s out!


Yes, i could use the iphone6 version too…

Submitting it tonight- PM me your email and I’ll give you the link once so we can skip the few days it takes to be approved!

*once it’s done

You can download the update now!


I purchased this App commercial kit. Can I actually develop a commercial with this though? After I downloaded it , it seems like I just got the icons , I cant find a program anywhere to create the video with my screen shots and so on.



Hi! The downloaded folder should include a bunch of .aep files and athat are opened using After Effects which is a where you would build up a commercial. There is also a pdf guide. Are you currently/have you used After Effects?

Thank you for your quick response! I do see the .aep . So if I download After Effects , I should be able to open those files ? I have never used After Effects. Is it extremely difficult to use, or is it easy to get the hang of it after watching some tutorials?

Thanks again!

Sara B.


Is there a way to use different fingers for the gestures? My app is for little girls. I want to use different hands / fingers for the gesture screens.


Hi DVesey! Unfortunately right now there is no option for different fingers. You could try either shooting your own hands on green screen or manipulating the PSD file of the hand that the project uses so that it uses a different photo of a hand.

Hi, Can I composite my app promo video on the phone instead of images and have swipes and taps on top?

Hi Sasha, yes you can! The layout exists on a layer and it doesn’t matter if it’s an image or video on that layer.

Your tutorial page seems to be down I have been checking for 2 weeks now, there must be lots of other people like me who want to see the tutorial before buying. Please upload somewhere were people can actually download it. Its a real shame

Sorry for the late response and thanks for the heads up! The site is being redone, and I’ve put up a temporary link to the tutorials for now. Cheers!

Would it be possible to add 3D Touch gesture?

It would be. However, this might have to wait as we’re a little busy with other projects at the moment. You might be able to fiddle around with the normal tap gesture by freezing it at some point and then have it keep playing to simulate a “deeper” press.


Is it possible to change the Iphone for an Android phone?

Hi Felipe! If you know your way around After Effects, you should be able to replace the iPhone layer (which exists on a separate layer from the hand) with an image of an Android phone.

More Android support anticipated in the next version of this template coming with the release of the next iPhone. Hope this helps : )

Hi. Do you do a customisation service? I have a video from my iphone where I demonstrate a webpage contact form. I can use AE to place the video in the phone screen but I cannot get the placement and timing of the swipes and taps. Can I pay for a customisation to the project for this and then I can do the other parts like music etc..

Sorry, unfortunately I definitely have my hands full these days and can no longer offer customization. If you are able to find someone who knows their way around AE, it should be pretty simple for them to figure out though. Best of luck!

Is this project 1920×1080? Cheers

Hey Steve, thanks for checking out the kit. The project is 1280×720, so still HD but not full HD.

Congrats! Excellent work good luck with sale!

Thank you!

Hi, I purchased the and 7 template and hoping i could get the iphone 6 template rather? is this possible?

Sorry for the late response, if you still need this, send me a direct message or email me.

Nice project can you please make a video showing how to add new scenes and new gestures?

The be sincere your tutorial is inadequate.

Also can you change the hands for different ethnic groups?

Can you do a detailed video like these guys did for their own template. Their video is so good that even an idiot gets it.

I hadn’t considered it, but perhaps for the next revision which won’t be for a while unfortunately. Thanks for the reference though!

Nice Project.

can you do one with a black person for

Also please do a video showing to use it,especially when it comes to using it. the PDF tutorial is not really helpful.

Thanks! Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to make a video, the PDF has helped others with their own projects though. Perhaps if you had a specific question I could help you out? What’s your level of experience with After Effects? As for black hands, the hands in my project exist in one layer that can easily be swapped out. Facebook provides a gallery of hands of every colour that you can use here:

Perhaps I will release a video for the next iteration of the project, but for now there are no guarantees.

platypop thank you for pointing me there. Where can I get the gestures to go with it?

Hi platypop. I have a very specific question about the usage of this software. My app has a screen where a scroll-able contact list of my friends is shown, but I can’t display their names in the ad for obvious reasons. Is there a way to edit the names and change them, even if the names are being moved around on the screen via a scroll?

Great Template. I need it to do a video demo going through a checkout process on an app which is mainly button taps and scrolling. Can you advise the best way to achieve this? The instructions are helpful but not very specific for obvious reasons. I appreciate the assistance.

Hey will there be an update of this to include Iphone X thanks


You should State in the Description that its 1280×720 – its quite Misleading and Deceptive to not mention that, and I had to spend a whole day going into each and Every Layer to Increase the Composition size to 1920×1080.

nice iphone project you have here