Internet of Things-People Promotion Kit

Internet of Things-People Promotion Kit

This animated Internet of Things – People Promotion Kit Pack is specially made for internet of things, smart home, concept, connect, flat, home, house, icon, internet, iot, mobile, network, of, smart, technology, things, watch, construction, end, engineer, gadget, hand, illustration, male, mobile, operating, smart, smart watch, spanner, times, watch, work, smart, engineer, hand, work, spanner, construction, end, male, illustration, mobile, gadget, operating, times, co, wearable, industry, business, background, technology, vector, equipment, digital, internet, tool, display, screen, key, support, profession, repair, hardware, mechanic, maintenance, wrench, wrist, things, wristwatch, app, iot, farming, industry 4.0, type of project.
The folder contains the Template file in CS6 and also in CS5.5 version. Main Key Points of project are as follows:-

Main features:

• Each Elements created with Shape Layers
Over 110+ Scenes and 150+ Animated Icons
• Complete Resizable
• Expression Universalizer
• No plugins required
• Works with After Effects CS5.5, CS6 and higher
• Fully and easily customizable
Peoples Local and Global Color Controls
• Comps created in 2K and 4K resolution
• Easily adjust key frame Time
• Works for all language of after effects
• Global Color Changing control for scenes elements with individual controls also
• Music is not included
• Promo Preview and two story is include

Project Contains:

56x Internet of Things Concepts Sets
155 X ICONS SET 3D Bar Graph, 24hr Care, Achievement Letter, Air Balloon, Air Conditioner, Air Plane, Ambulance, Apple, Award Badge, Award, Bank, Bar Graph, Beer Bottle, Bicycle, Bike, Books Rack, Books, Brain Gears, Bug, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Car Front, Car, Chat, Chess Horse, Circle Graph, Clapper Board, Clip Docs, Clock, Close Diary, Close mail, Cloud Computing, Cloud, Coffee Cup, Coffee Machine, Coin Stacks, Compass, Computer Cabinet, Connecting, Credit_Debit Card, Currency, Data Bank, Desktop Shop, Desktop, Direction Compass, Doc, Docs File, Dress Sale, Earth, Electric Beater, Eye, File Folder, Five Star, Floppy Disk, Gift, Graph Docs, Gym Cycle, Gym Dumble, Hair Curling Iron, Hair Dryer, Hand Mic, Headphone, Home Lamp, Home Theatre, House, Idea Bulb, Idea CFL, Induction Cooktops, I-Pad, I-Pod, Joy Stick, Keyboard, Lab Tube, Laptop, Lens, Line Globe, Locator, Magnet, Map with locator, Medical Bag, Mic, Microwave, Milk Bottle, Milk Packet, Mixer, Mobile Shop, Money Locker, Mouse, Newspaper, Office Bag, Open Book, Open Mail, Packing Box, Paint Brush, Paper Plane, Pen Drive, Petrol Meter, Photograph, Pencil, Piggy Bank, Pinned Docs, Plant Vase, Printer, Pyramid Graph, Reading Meter, Rocket, Router, Sand Glass, Satellite, Scanner, Science Tube, Security Cam, Server, Set Square, Setting Control, Shield, Shop, Shopping Bag, Shopping Basket, Shopping Cart, Signal Light, Smart Phone, Smart Watch, Solar Panel, Spectacle, Standing Fan, Stop Watch, Sun, Table Lamp, Target, Telephone, Television, Test Tube, Thumbs Down, Thumbs UP, Toaster, Treadmill, Trimmer, Typewriter, Vacuum Cleaner, Veg Bowl, Washing Machine, Wallet with Money, Water Tap, VideoCam, Web Cam, Wind Energy Fan
Story 1