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If I purchase the music mentioned here, will it fit perfectly with the video?

Yes. The audiojungle author has re edited the music so that it fits the video perfectly.

Is it easy to shorten the duration of the video?

The project is made by creating separate comps for each message that you see in preview. So you can easily delete the comp of the frame that you want to remove from the main timeline and shorten the duration.

Are the designs in each frame all made by mask layers and shape layers in AE?

Yes. All designs are made within the after effects itself except the shopping bag, laptop and human icons.

Is it possible to remove the social media icons if I want to use this template for a general purpose intro?

The social media icons can be removed by just clicking on a checkbox.

Can I move, rescale or reposition the texts if my texts are longer or shorter than the one which is already there?

Yes. The tutorial shows how to move and reposition the texts according to your script.

What customization do I get for $105?

If you don’t have any after effects skills, i can replace all the texts that is seen in the preview video with your own text, colors and logo. However any change in the design or alteration in the frames or any extra addition will cost extra. For more info, contact me through my Profile Page.

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