Discussion on Internet Marketing & SEO Intro

Discussion on Internet Marketing & SEO Intro

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Hi Aeyaz, I’m requesting the audio effects files (not the audio jungle soundtracks, I have already purchased those seperately) for the following purchases:

- internet marketing &seo intro - social media agency opener - content marketing explainer - seo explainer - video marketing intro

Please check your mail regarding the sound effects.

Hey ! when was the last time that it was updated??



There was nothing to update on this video after its release. If you are talking about the statistics shown in the video, that can be always changed after purchased from videohive.

Hi Excellent Video… I am wanting to add this to my site but have a question.

My Theme specifies that the video must be 16:9 aspect ratio and that I have both a webM and a mp4 format. Can your video handle this?

If so, what are the steps to accomplish this.. I have CS6


Yes. The video is16:9 full HD 1920×1080 size. Adobe CS6 can export MP4. WebM has to be converted from some other software I guess. Please google about WebM conversion. I cannot advise you on this as I have never done WebM conversion before.



LOL….i just need the slide that’s all :) . Is there a way i can watch the demo? Bcus i didn’t see the demo here on Videohive

Presales question,

Hi author

Could you please help me to edit a few lines of text like the “We are specialised in…” and embed my company logo into this project after i purchased it? because i do not have after effects installed nor the license to use it, therefore could not do it myself :-(



Yes. I will be able to do this. But there will be a fee for this. After purchasing, please contact me on to get this done.



May i know how to add in this music into the project?

Your great tutorial missed out explaining this part? :( Please help.



Thanks for purchasing my file. Send me the audio track you purchased. I will make it fit to the video and send it back. Then you just have to File>Import the audio file add drag and drop it to the timeline you will render.


The SteelFishRg font is always missing even though I installed it. It seems to be installed as SteelFish Rg (with the space) and isn’t picking up in the project. Making some of the slide fonts look bad. Any advice?

Nevermind, I got it. I had to manually change the font for each one.

Alright. Good luck with the video.

Can you email me the instructions on how to render all the compositions together along with the audio effects?


Thanks for purchasing. There is a detailed video tutorial in file that you downloaded from videohive. It has all the instructions on how to render the videos.


Can you customer the logo and contact detail for me? How much you charge me?

Yes. I can do that for you. Can you please contact me via my profile page?

I have edited the AE file and added my logo, etc. If I send the ae file and the audio file I purchased can you make it fit the way it does in the demo?

Thank you!


There will be a small fee for rendering. Please contact me via my profile page for more details.

I contacted you via your profile page but haven’t heard back. Can you email me at jessicah1975 at gmail and I’ll set up a Google Drive folder to send you the files. Thank you!

Please check your mail.

sorry read the below comment

Can I sell this video to my clients, not the Original/source file after purchasing under standard licence? I will sell only Final output of project made as it is or after any modifications of text and images. But I will not sell the Source File of After effect which I will get after purchasing this item.

If I am allowed to do so, Then what should I do if I receive a Copyright Claim? For example, I will sell it on Fiverr (the final output of video only as I already mentioned), What if I receive a copyright complaint? I have already received many complaints after purchasing Others items and one of my friend also offered your Video on Fiverr and his gig was denied as Fiverr said that They have received a copyright claim,he was just offering the final outcome not the original file, that’s why I am asking this question. Your Positive response will be highly appreciated Thanks

Reselling the same item even in the output mov format is illegal and not permitted through fiverr. I have found few people selling it in fiverr earlier. After i made a copyright claim, fiverr has successfully removed these files from it and also banned those user accounts. If you are planing to sell my work through fiverr, note that it is 100% illegal and i will make sure the seller account gets banned by fiverr.

Thank you for the question.

oh man thank you for your informative reply…

I’m having trouble with the logo, new to AE, I placed the logo just as you did in the tutorial, but mine only shows up for a second before disappearing. playing through the comp.

I clicked undo multiple times to before I edited the logo layer and tried again but it didn’t fix the issue. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Still can’t get the logo to stay up longer than 1 second… Tried on a different system I have the same problem


Sorry for the delay in replay. The fastest way to contact me is via the message box in my profile page.

After you import your logo and dropping it into the timeline, the possibility is that your logo layer’s length is not enough. Could you please try stretching the length to fit the timeline?

It’s OK, I fixed it in Camtasia just added the images at right spots and music and re-rendered, I figured it had something to do with the length. But couldn’t work out how to stretch it.

Hi guys, So i have tried to edit the video. Went great but i see one of the graphics is missing. The client Man graphic is just blocks. How can i fix this. Thanks.


Did you copy the aep file only to any other location? I am guessing this is the reason. You have to move the whole folder if you are copying it to different place on your drive.

Hi friend, great stuff. i want to purchase it but i’m confused. can you please tell me how can i use some of the frames in my company intro video. i have ready some transition & text layer now i want to use some of your frames like “we are specialize in..”, “do you want to rank in google top 3 etc.” how can i use them in my video? i want use only 4-5 frames only in this project because these transition is so good for my intro animation video so please tell me how can move them in my video. thanks

All you have to do is import this project file to your main project file. Then you can select the section you need and add it along with your timeline.

hello, I’m looking for an opening to my channel on youtube, but I liked this your project, but it is too long for an opening. I ask, do you have anything up to 10 seconds or is easy for me to edit this your video to an opening up to 10, 15 seconds?

Hi. I replied to your email. Please check it.

Hi, I can’t export the movie. Every time I try to export it just the sound works. I have chosen the quick time format but still the black image and only the sound. Can u help me please?

I just purchased this and it appears that the illustrations were shrunk in AE and are not the same to what is in the video. Here is one example with the ribbons:

AE said things were locked and missing files were presented. Was something changed in the files recently? You can see here the layer dependencies that are missing:

Hey. Looks like you haven’t installed the fonts used. There’s a text file with links to font. Please install fonts and everything should work properly.