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Nice Work!!


damn! great work

Thank you my friend! Stay tuned! You might get a gift ;)


Hope so! Thanks!

Amazing project!

thank you!

always something fresh from you, good use of fonts and photos!

thank you!

Great work, good luck mate!

Thank you dude! ;)

Im confused! in the video and the oamges it show many more stories. Why when i download the file is there only three stories. Am i missing something or this is very very misleading.

“The set includes 20 beautiful and fully customizable Instagram stand-out” Mine only contained 3…

Hi there! Thank you for buying the project. There are all Stories, but you have to open them from the Project Panel, left side of your screen. Did you find it? If you don’t see it, go to Window/Project. Or go to Window/Workspace and Reset your workspace. Also, if you need more help, please send me an email via my profile page. Good luck! Cheers!

Oh my goodness i was being so stupid thank you for clearing that up so quickly. Thanks

;)) that’s ok!


lojic Purchased

Absolutely love these stories templates and your continuous updates! One request. Is it possible to add a guide to make it easier to find specific templates quicker? Thanks! And keep up the amazing work!

Hey! I’ll continue to add new designs as often as possible. I have so many ideas on my list. Stay tuned.

Search the project by multiple keywords. This is the only way you can find them. You already know that.

Please take 10 seconds and rate the project. I’ll really appreciate it. Thanks!

love it & buy it!! is there any way to get the promo video? tnx!

my mail is , i hope i rate you in the right place (im new in here)

thank you! you awesome…

I love this, but something about this file is eating up my render times… have checked everything, but some of the simple 15 second animations are taking 2+ hours to render… I have no idea why it does this vs any other AE work I do.

(2018 MacBook Pro TouchBar)

Ouch! That’s a lot of time. I’ve done a few Stories with 3D layers, but even so, it shouldn’t take you 2h. What comps have you rendered in 2H?

If I can get this.. Can I use only image? (or) Can I use ‘mp4,mov’ with this?

You can use images or videos without any problem.


lojic Purchased

I love this! And love that you update it so frequently! Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! It means a lot to me, to see my customers happy. I’m working weekly on this project. I have so many ideas. Stay tuned! :)

Hi I have AE15.0.0 ver. I opened Project But tamplate not working photos action. Just one story name story 1, another story tamplate not action

Hi! Open the compositions from the left side of the window, in Project Panel.

Everything is fine? Did you figure it out?