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Cheers… very much appreciated!!! :)

You’re welcome, enjoy! :)

Thanks – this will give me something to do in the lockdown period

You’re welcome! I’m very glad to hear this :) What are you planning to do with it? :D

nice… i wish you included the promo video you used to promote the 6 templates you are giving us… It is amazing!

Thank you! I thought of that but I just couldn’t find a proper way to “package it”. I mean for what would you use that video? For a photo slideshow, app promotion? I just wasn’t sure what else could be shown in this vertical format instead of the stories :D

Wouldn’t unzip :(

Hi, please try using WinRar to unzip this

Thanks – Winzip for Mac did the trick!

That’s great to hear! :)

You’re welcome, enjoy! :)

You’re welcome, enjoy! :)

Amazing Project bro! Thanks :)

Haha, thank you! :D You’re welcome ;)

why is june free download is only for PREMIER?

Hi, cause Envato those this month’s free item to be a Premiere Pro project. Next month you might get a free After Effects project. It really varies and changes depending on what Envato thinks would be the best thing to offer for free at any given month.

Project seemed to be damaged for me, did anyone else have this issue (gutted because it looks amazing!!)

Oh I’m afraid Premiere Pro CS6 is a too old version for this project and that’s why you get the damaged project error.

To open this project properly you need to have at least Premiere Pro CC 2017.1 or a newer version :)

Awe ok. No worries! I do need to update my software (being lazy on that one haha) Thanks for your help!!! Have a great day!

Ahaha I’ve definitely been lazy to do this too at times! :D

Thank you! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day as well :)

Hello, could you include the promotional demo that you used since it is very good, since as it is I want to use it to drive brochure design. Thank you

Hi, please send me a private message and then I’ll be able to send you a link to the promotional video project! :) I just have no note that’s it’s a separate project from this and it isn’t included in this free project giveaway.

ok now i’m writing to you Thank you! ;)

Thanks for the email, I just replied to you! :)

You’re welcome, enjoy! :)

thanks Atamotion for the video!

Your’e welcome, enjoy! :)

You’re welcome, enjoy! :)

You’re welcome! :) I hope you’ll put this to good use :)

nice… thank you for give

You’re welcome! :)

Great Insta Storis

Thank you!

how can i take the free file?

Hi, the free file promotion has ended now