Discussion on Instagram Stories

Discussion on Instagram Stories

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I brought thisa while ago but was to complicated for me at the time, now i have a better understanding this is such a time saver.

One of the top Instagram Stories on the market!! Any updates planned?

Not in the near future, perhaps a new pack will be released, but this is not certain.

I have sent you an email but have not gotten an answer! I had a tough time with installation. You required third-party software to be installed, which I did. Then I go to AE and set that check mark as your tutorial said. But Atom* is not in the package I DL. And I have tried to install the regular Atom, and I get an error message. So your tutorial is not clear. You don’t answer emails. And you don’t respond to comments. When I type to install in the word seems like everyone has a problem with the installation.

You are just selling, ignoring email, and not having the professionalism to provide a good tutorial video. It’s all unacceptable. And why didn’t you mention on your sell page that the installation needs third-party software? So far very unhappy.

Give a link to a 2 second video please

I just did its above. there are a series of very short video without any explanation or prpoer tutorial.

By clicking on the link, I open a video tutorial number 7. This video tutorial lasts one minute and 37 seconds. In this video tutorial, I show you how to switch between the available formats of the same post/story design. If after watching the video, you could not understand what it was about, then I can not help you, since I do not teach after effects, I only give instructions on how to use the template. Watch the instructions, watch the video tutorials and all the best to you. I am sure that you can do it, because the rest of the many thousands of users have done it and you can do it.

PS : There are no 2 second video tutorials.

Probably the best thing I’ve bought on my design journey, thank you so much for this highly compartmentalized, yet simple set of templates.

I have two issues however, with the seamless transitions. 1-They aren’t as seamless when I use them, as they show the previous frame smack in the middle of transitioning. It puts me off. I’d love some help with that. 2- Still on the transitions, I’d like to lengthen the time. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you so much, they work superb now. I had put the Legacy ExtendScript as per your initial tutorials, weird that it changed back. But it is all well now. The time remapping is also ideal, thank you!


Your tool is really great! But I still have a few questions. Do you have to buy the Typo Tiltes, Lower Thirds extra or have I not installed it yet? Can you also edit the individual templates. For example, I like the template Clean and Minimal 24 very well. But I would like to remove the Shine Effect because it doesn’t really fit my use case.

I just put the same comment to the other product of you so that u can see that i bought it.

you just left a comment under the After Effects version, that’s why I asked you

Everything that is in the preview video is included in the package and after installation should appear in the extension. If you want to remove some effect from the template, I can send you the after effects version separately, contact me via the contact form on my profile page.

Hello, Is there any updates coming? New desings? Thank you

There will be no updates in the near future.

Hello. Last time I used this, this isn’t working. I’ve contacted the email, no response as well. Is this working with the latest m1 mac and latest version of after effects?

I can not find a message from you, but it works.

I did delete the archive by mistake and now can’t seem to be able to re-install the package. Is there an detailed explanation of how to reinstall somewhere ? Thanks

Click on the animated AtomX Icon in the extension (located at the top right). In the tab that opens, hover your mouse over the installed package. On hover, the panel will expand slightly and a delete button (x) will appear


Dzokka Purchased

Hello! Installed AtomX, but some transitions, such as overlay, are superimposed, closing the layer from below. How to fix it?


Dzokka Purchased

Im sorry, but in this video shows how to do it in Premier Pro. Do you have tutorial for After Effects?


Dzokka Purchased

ty bro)

how do i uninstall it from a computer to be able to install on another new machine? I tried to uninstall atom via terminal but it wasn’t enough. Thanks MZ

Hi! Contact me via contact form on my profile page

ok i did


Aryeo Purchased

I’m having the same issue another user reported with Glitch Title 16 where the colored background bars don’t extend when you change the text. I see that your response to them was to install TeamViewer and I assume you resolved it with them directly but I’d appreciate if a fix was posted for others like me who are having a similar issue. Thanks!

Please contact me via contact form on my profile page

Hola! No puedo instalar el paquete en Atom X me sale un error ( assets folder not found) me puedes ayudar ?

Hello, most likely before installation you did not unzip the downloaded archive into a separate folder.

Hello. seamless transition not working for me. 14 Error message : Line 1 scale with of layer 4 … My composition settings : 1080×1080. Any solution ? thank you

Hello, you should change the expression engine. I recommend watching the first video tutorial.

Hi, for some reason the *.atom file will not install. After the activation details are entered it starts to install and reaches 70ish% (first time 77%, second time 72%) then AE freezes and I have to restart and try again. AE is the latest version 22.2.1 and your file is ‘Social Media Pack V7.1.atom’

Hey! I recommend using the installation method without copying files.

Hi, I just received an email to say this project has been updated. Is there a place where I can see changes have been made? Thanks Nick

We apologize, but the update did not happen, the notification was only a technical failure.

No problem. Btw, about 5 months ago you said version 8 would be released last October. Did that happen?

Just checking you’ve seen my message.

Can you return to my e-mail?

I answered you

I want to purchase the product. After purchasing, can I INSTALL on more than one PC?

Yes, but you must understand that 1 license = 1 end product.

Any idea why i get always warning from missing font Bebasneueregular even i have installed this font few times.

Most likely, the creator has edited his font and you have installed a more recent version than the one used in the template. An error with fonts does not affect the performance of templates in any way, you can always change the font. I understand that the message annoys you, I offer you several options for fixing it. - Install the bebas font from the archive which you can download from the link in the Font List file (download all fonts) - Disable messages about missing fonts in the After Effects settings.

Seeing as now the “swipe up” isn’t available on Instagram stories and has been replaced with the “tap sticker” option

When will these be updated to remove the swipe as it’s no longer needed or required?

Hey! Instagram selectively disabled swipe-up. This feature is still available in many regions. Thank you for your feedback, we will follow the changes on instagram and update the template.

When is V8 coming? V7 doesn’t work properly with AE 22.1.1 :-( Every time I try to add an element it ends up with an AE error. For example: AFTER EFFECTS WARNING: YOUR PROJECT FILE SEEMS TO BE CORRUPT (SKIPPED SECTIONS: 6). Please help me quickly because I have to work.

Hi! Contact me via contact form on my profile page


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