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Beautiful job.. good luck..

Excellent work!!

This is Beautiful!

Thx guys

Good work…Good luck!

I always get an import error for the mov files included in the project, although QT is installed and plays those files without problems. How can that be solved?

Sorry, but it’s urgent. Would you be so kind to answer me, how this project can be brought into a usable state?

Do you open a project file directly in the archive? Take the folder from the archive and then open the project.


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Hi can i change the Blue line color? Thank you for answer.

Hi. Go to the Control Ellements layer and choose the color of the lines.

Just download the project again, the update is already on the site


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In “Text 1”, my text is too long and so i’m trying to make smaller, however resize only effects the ‘outline’ of the text and the main body of the text remains the same size. How do I resize the text?

Hi.Write to me in the mail so that I can take a screenshot to you where to click and what to do. Here in the comments I can not do it.

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I just opened the template ae file and checked that there is no video or image inside. So, what you showed in the demo is not what you sold to me. Right? Is this not FRAUDULENT?

?? What does that mean ?? Can be more?