Discussion on Inkman presents your logo (AE project)

Discussion on Inkman presents your logo (AE project)

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Super Creative and looks awesome ! Great work man :)

nicely presented, I like it!

will likely buy, but need to know how to make this an intro to a website? does the help file explain it? I imagine there would be a “Enter Site” link or “Skip Intro” link that needs to be added. thanks!

great file!!!

Philly, this is an After effect project. When you will render it, it will be in a video form (flv, swf, avi etc.). Your web-site designer knows how to make it an intro, depending of the program he will use to do that. Let me know if you need any help on the after effects project.

Can you explain why mine lags and looks blurry

What I can assume, is that you may render it in a very compressed format. Please contact me through e-mail. Go here: ,at the right bottom of the page. I will do my best to help you.

It’s all good now, just needed to change to H.264

do you have any idea how it could be reduced to any size to fit within html?

I’m happy you made it out! In the project I have included a scaled down 960×540 resolution version. I think that’s good for an html page.

Simply AWESOME .

thank you Alkis

May be the most beautiful and inspired work I have ever seen in After Effects.

thanx :) ! I like your items a lot too!

Excellent, very creative & innovative. Am a fan of this Inkman …

Hope you will do more of this Inkman series …


Glad that you like it Robin! I will do more yes! Enjoy!

Creative and simply awesome work.

Thank you WebRa!

Hey Steve

I joined this site partly because I love your inkman and had to purchase the logo presentation. I know you have a couple of others – do you have plans to release any more?

Hey Vidman, thank you for your interest! Yes I will release two more VERY soon! I’m glad you like them, thanks for purchasing! Cheers! Steve

great idea! i’m lovin’ the animation of the inkboy :)

Glad you like it Kevin!

Nice work … :)

Thank you man! :)

Sorry to ask you but i would love to purchase your file just a question Can i Change the inkman in this file with my logo?

Hey anee05! I am sorry I dont understand exactly what you need. Inkman can not be replaced with a logo. And also no, this template is not yet optimized for change of the stick figure’s color. Of course if you mean if the Envato logo can ne replaced, surely yes it can! Let me know if you need more info!