Discussion on Ink Slideshow | 12 Transitions

Discussion on Ink Slideshow | 12 Transitions

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Hey bud… can you use this with video and on a black background rather than white?

Hello! No, because here I used Luma Matte. Swap to black will look not very good)

Nice! Wish you many sales my friend! ;)

Thank you!

very cool, I liked it, great work. I wish many sales


how to add another composition? i duplicate on the project manager, but the when i was changing the background image, the original image also changed

Hello! I do not see the badge that you bought from this profile. Write me please with the profile from which you bought and I will try to help.

Is it possible to duplicate or create additional placeholders? I am needing around 35-40 placeholders for a 3:30 min video.

Hello, sorry for the long answer. To change the duration by adding the copied composition, will take several additional steps. For example, copy a composition with a transition and replace the composition with a footage and text inside it (holding ALT)


We are impressed by this: GREAT product, whoa! (second one striking us, we get ideas to be more visually impacting with our donors!!)

Would you be open to offer a free license as sponsorship for a tiny registered non profit helping orphans in Nepal and India? (

That would help us soooo much to start our new website and get some traffic and sponsors for our cause… My wife and I are working for free for our little non profit / NGO and have no fund for IT/graphic as per our charter status (100% of donations go to children)...

Thanks for helping us if you can! ;-)

Thanks! :-) Yannick, for Namaste-Welfare’s team