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Looks great!!! :)

Thank you ! :)

Very cool pack!

Thanks ,glad you like it !

Thank you ! :)

Great infographics! Looks very good!

Than you and appreciate your comment !

Awesome animotion!

Thanks !

Very nice work buddy!!! ;)

Thank you Juanmita ! :) Glad you like it !


Thank you very much for purchase ! Glad you like it i appreciate it :)

Looks great! Thanks for using my music here!

Thank you for your great track !

That’s fine!

Thank you ! :)

Thank you for the great template. Can i also change the amount of money bills on each pile?

Hello ! Thank you for your purchase , yes you can simply copy and paste bill one by one or whole stack at once, and change position to stack on top as you like -animation will not change and stay the same . If you will need any help regarding this question just write me trough the profile page directly and i will help you out !

Hope this helps thank you !

Very Big Work! Amazing :O

Thank you very very much ! :)

I’m a complete newbie in AE … is it easy to use? :/

Hello, yes this one is really easy, also it has a detailed guide which shows how to edit it easily :) if there would be any questions just contact me via email, and i will help out in less than 24 hours :)

Thank you and hope this helps ! :)

Wow this is an awesome Infographics Toolkit, wonderful job.

Hi JaMinaM, thank you , and appreciate it ! :)

I wish you great sales and great inspiration!

Thank you !

Hi, I read the license but wasn’t clear for me. Maybe you can help, If I generate different infographics using the same template, Do I have to buy a new license each time? Thanks.

Hello thank you for your interest :) you may use it in a multiple projects as well :)

Nice! Nice! You should continue.

Will surely do ! :) Thank you very much !

How do you edit the animations so the graph/s stay on screen longer rather than being swiped off after a few seconds?

Answered via email thanks ;)