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Works on wordpress? I did not understand how it works.

This project for Adobe After Effects.

hi , i use ae to open the file, pop up a lot error window, said the effects in use not existed, pls help.

i purchased it last time in themeforest’s bundle

the most likely reason – you use not english version of AE!

thanks a lot, switch back to en version, problem solved

Hi, nice work really, i purchased it in bundle :) Can you send me the aep file, which moves in 3d, as in the demo video? Thanks

you’re asking me to give you another complete project. It’s not ethical. If you need one I can sell it to you for $ 20.

ok, sorry for that (in other project i got this kind of help)

Infographic 7 include preview file. Maybe it will help you in future.

can you change the colours easily in the project or is it blue ?

Project allows you to customize the colors in one or two clicks.

Got through this the bundle and it’s great, but no idea why you chose 720p when most authors deliver in full HD these days :/

Still a great project

HD or Full HD not matter for shape infographics because each can scale up graphic or scale down. And I never see that anybody make one big graphic on screen( it would be look not cool, at least)

If I export/render it as full HD (1080p) will it scale properly or do I have to scale it before rendering?

I recommend scale it before rendering.

Cool infographics. Nice project !

Awesome project! I wish you good sales! ;)