Infographics Infocharts Package

Infographics Infocharts Package

INFOCHARTS Package (AE CS 5.0, Full HD) is an expression-based After Effects template that provides quick and flexible creative solutions for infographics. Combine easily several types of graphs (pie charts, line graph, bar graphs, concentric lines, worldmap with all countries, area graphs….). Add to the final composition one or several included widgets (markers, averages, loaders, panels…). Built to be intuitive and flexible, and no prior knowledge of AE expressions is necessary. Create simple and elegant infographics with InfoCharts Package from included Charts systems.Custom expressions were created to make entering data as easy as possible. All expressions have been universalized to work in any language.

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INFOCHARTS, corporate infographics after effects templates pack.

  • Clean and stylish design
  • Smooth animations
  • Fast render
  • User friendly
  • Modular structure, combine easily several graph systems
  • Unlimited data series for the Line Graph chart
  • Upto 20 values for the BarGraph 01
  • BarGraph 02, allows to reach higher values numbers very easily
  • Included 10 projects files
  • Preview sequence used for preview file, inluded in each file
  • Easy color customization, value editing
  • Numerous useful settings
  • Full HD resolution (1080p)
  • AE CS 5.0 and higher
  • Free font link included

Preview music: this track IS NOT included. SoundProdigy created it; you can buy it on AudioJungle:

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