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Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you Themecat_info :)

Fantastic work buddy!! ;)

Thank you juanmita :)

Great Amazing Work! Can you add more maps? I need map of Kazakhstan and Russia….

Hi Denskiy, Russia’s map is available with the pack, just select it from the presets menu. You can use the “Custom User Map” template to load custom maps and flags. For how to do this please watch the video tutorial “Maps – How to Edit”.

Also, please contact me using my profile page and I will send you a custom map of Kazakhstan if you want.

Thanks! All Works! It very easy to use!

You are welcome :)

Excellent work buddy!! ;) Good luck with sales!!!

Thank you DiamondC :)

Great work! Good luck

Thank you abbiecornish :)

Is it possible to move the numbers into a position like these: https://youtu.be/36DDp9ASX6g?t=10s

Yes, a similar design can be achieved using the Pie Chart Master 02 design. The number position can be adjusted using the “Number Spread” slider under “STYLE SETTINGS”. I have created a 4 step picture how to tutorial you can view it here . Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Very cool!!! I know why I can’t make such a video. When I was little boy, my mom bought me a violin :) ...and I can do music!!! ;) I wish you great sales, and I will be glad to cooperate! Let’s do something together!

Thank you shumatar :) Wish you great sales also.

Cool work! Nice product!

Thank you Eufaraday :)

I need 15 values for my chart, but only see an option that goes from 1 up to 12. Is there a way to go over 13?

HI, By default, depending on the design, each can hold between 1 and 12 values. For which of the designs do you need to use 15 values? For Bars and Lines it is possible to use two elements on the same time to add more charts but requires some tweaking in FCPX.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I want to do a graph from 2003 to 2015 replacing the default months. I will try to do it using two layers since I really like the design of your template.

You are welcome. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Hi there, is it possible to build elements with a transparent background, so that the graphs/etc can appear over a video in the background instead of a graphic, gradient, or solid color?

Hi TheDigitalPath, The template is modular, all the designs are saved separately and can be used with transparent background over a video. Just drag and drop the design you need over the video and do not use a background [gradient, solid] element. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

is it posible to use this work in apple motion?

Hi ivs_220677 The template was created especially to be used with Final Cut Pro X, it was created to be modular and I will not recommend to be used with Motion. For the best user experience, easy to use and fast edit I will recommend Final Cut Pro X. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Grate job ! I wish you happy sales !

Thank you abbiecornish :)

Can you chart negative values?

Hi, By default the bar charts can not go on negative values but the pack elements can be flipped on Y axis and the bars will “grow” on negative values with a little bit of editing in FCPX.. Also the numbers of the bars can be rotated. The circle charts can be edited to display a negative value and can count down from 0 to the set negative value.

Looks really cool !!! Congratulations!

Thank you Baszz :)

I got the Missing Title sign as I opened an older project done on the prior version of FCPX. This Missing Title sign is showing up just after updating to FCPX10.4. Please advice. I need to make a small change and already updated my project to 10.4.

Hi,After each FCPX update the template needs to be reinstalled for the new version. Please reinstall the template using the same installation method as the first time and restart FCPX if it is running. Please let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Thank you for the super speedy reply. It is now working like a charm.

You are welcome. I’m gladI could help.

Hi, is there a male/female split icon within this plugin.. thanks

Hi, This pack does not contains such element, I’m sorry.

Hi, I’m having trouble getting this to work with FCPX 10.4. I cannot seem to figure out what’s the problem. I re-installed FCPX but everytime I try to edit one of the graphical elements FCPX crashes. I’ve tried this a zillion times and it happens for literally all of the different elements with this package. I load it onto timeline and and then as soon as I touch the inspector, crash!.

I’m really upset since this looks absolutely awesome. I do trust that it’s probably not your fault since I have your 99 Titles Pack and absolutely love it. And, what’s more that does not have this problem. Any suggestions?

Hi. Can you please send me an email, using my profile page, with the information about what Mac are you using and also a screenshot with the template in timeline?

Sent it to you via your profile page.

hi, I have question, Im no have FCPX, I just have Apple motion. Can I use this elements?

Hi. The template can not be edited with Motion. It was designer especially for FCPX. For the best experience we recommend using this template with Final Cut Pro X.

Excellent FCPX product!

Thank you trigonatus.