Infographic Business Pack

Infographic Business Pack

Infographic Business Pack

We are living in a digital world with the high level of visual experience. The only way to atract people’s attention to boring facts and figures is to show them visually.

This Infographic Business Pack is a perfect way to show your corporate analytics, present annual report or company statistics, make data overview or startup presentation, it will be usefull for explainers and data animations, broadcast or financial news. This pack was designed in colaboration with economists, which makes this project not only visually attractive, but also economically correct.

In order to serve the wide range of needs, this pack is designed in 11 sections, each has a design variations of Vertical and Horizontal Bars, Comparison and Line Charts, Circle, Ring and Pie Charts as well as People, Maps and Timeline. They are stylish, modern and really easy customizable. You can change text, colors and quantity. You can use any background you like. You can make your bars rounded or leave them square. You can make them extrude or glow and receive absolutely different and unique look.

This project has really great customization options.

Main features:

  • Infographic Business Pack
  • 11 Sections included: Vertical and Horizontal Bars, Comparison and Line Charts, Circle, Ring and Pie Charts, People, Maps and Timeline
  • World map with 180 countries included
  • 60 .mogrt files for Premiere Pro are included
  • 180 flag icons, 44 Social Media Icons and 50 Business Icons are included
  • You can change: text, colors, background, quantity
  • You can make edges rounded or square, add extrude or glow
  • Modular well organized structure
  • No plugins required
  • Made in 4K aspect ratio
  • Works with After Effects CS5.5 and above
  • 6 Video Tutorials are included
  • Link for free font is included
  • Music is not included

This Template is designed in 4K, so you can showcase your information on any screens without loosing quality.

Dear customers, please pay attention, that .MOGRT files will work for Premiere Pro only starting from 2017.1 Version.

Projects features:



Music is available here: Inspiring Corporate by TwinsMusic.


If you have any questions or need customization, please feel free to contact us!


Thanks for downloading!

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