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Cool project, man! :)

Useful work! 8) GL! :)

Super awesome titles!!

Cool project Dmitrii! ;)

very good work ! :)

Really useful project!, congratulations! ;)

Hi ! I would like to use one of these titles on a video, could you tell me how to make the title appear with the video in the background? Thanks !

Hi. Just put title composition on the video. It is simple action. If you can do it then you need to watch beginners AE tutorials

Hi, Can I change the color of background?

Hi. Image on background just for preview. It is not included in project. You can insert your own image or video on background

It’s very delicious. This is a difficult job but very good !!! nice to look at!!! good luck to you!

how to use the same title twice with different text in the same video?

just dublicate title composition