Info Graphs 3D

Info Graphs 3D

INFO GRAPHS 3D is an Xpresso-based Cinema4D template that provides quick and flexible creative solutions for 3D info graphics. There are 5 custom-made themes with a total of 52 graph templates included. INFO GRAPHS 3D is built to be intuitive and flexible, and no prior knowledge of Xpresso is necessary.

Understanding the core concepts of INFO GRAPHS 3D will enable you to expand the template graphs infinitely. Four components are included for your designs, these 4 components are: Bar Graphs, Circle Graphs, Line Graphs, and Pie Charts. The online tutorials will further explain and get you up and running in no time!

INFO GRAPHS 3D was made exclusively for Cinema 4D, no assumption of having a C4D to After Effects workflow is made. All objects seen in preview were made with INFO GRAPHS 3D with only minor color correction and motion blur in AE. Please note that intro render scenes are not included.

Check out STATISTICS for an info graphics solution for After Effects! Info Graphs 3D - 1



  • Xpresso-Driven C4D Graphs Templates
  • Mograph component integration
  • 4 Components – Bar Graphs, Pie Chart, Circle Graph, Line Graph. Up to 12 values each
  • 3 Advanced Themes – intensive renders
  • 2 Quickstart Themes – quick renders
  • 52 Fully-Animated Graphs, Includes: bar graph, stacked bar graph, cluster bar graph, circle graph, line graph, area graph, pie chart, segmented pie chart
  • 3 Bonus Assets – Hypha Flexicam, Grid Generator, Title Generator
  • No Xpresso Knowledge Required


Info Graphs 3D - 2


Info Graphs 3D - 3


  • Preview video not included. All 3D renders were created by using INFO GRAPHS 3D and standard C4D tools
  • Music not included. You may purchase it from Mokhov


Kindly direct any questions, feedback, or feature requests to the comments section.