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Just nice, very useful project :)

Very nice! Good luck :)

Very useful project and incredible support. Thank you very much. Best wishes.

My pleasure Asouto :)

I love your tools =)

thanks m-basem! I‘m glad you like it
good luck for your work

hello! just bought this project, great! just a couple of questions: 1. how can i turn the background off as i want to export with an alpha channel so i can put a picture behind it?

2.I’m using the bar graph and have made 4 columns instead of 6. I’m trying to stop the line graph from continuing and stop on the 4th column … any ideas?

Hi thanks for puerchaing
1.just turn off shy butten and find BG layer then delete!
2.just disable line graph checkbox and fine all of #5 and #6 layers then delete!

Hi there in ” circle graph ” composition Background is not rendering by default. but i can see it in active window. I have checked all the settings could not figure out. can you please let me know if i am missing something

Its a bit urgent.


Hi please unshy all layers!

Hi Unshy is not working. I really need to do the output today can you please let me know i am missing something.

Hi please send me email and catch screenshot for me

Unique project! I wish you good sales! ;)