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Really really good job Unvi, big fan of your works.

Man, this is so cool! So Unvi style :) Love it!

Awesome work dude ! :)

Smooth work man, looks great ;)

All the best.

awesome stuff…looks very nice

Big Thanks guys for your kind comments – it is great support for me.

Awesome work! Love the colour choice and combinations. Perfect combination of retro touch and being up to date. Thank you very much for using my music, I’m very happy to be part of this :)
Best wishes, Basspartout

Thanks a lot for kind words and your talented music.

I missed this one ….really well done!... also like your latest gold project!!

where did you get the videos?

Hi. Send me your request via email (see Help.pdf) or via my VideoHive page: , thanks.

sorry. wrong post.

there seems to be big gaps of empty space like there is a missing image but i have images in all the placeholders. also, the back of the logo comes in, then there’s a big gap of empty space, then the front of the logo comes in after. it seems the same in the original download before i do my modifications. can you help?

please check your upload of this template. i replaced all images and my logo and din’t touch anything else so it must be a problem with the original template. see blank areas at 11 sec., 15 sec., 22 sec., and happens throughout rest of video. it seems there is a comp that should be there that is missing? also, the logo reveal at the end around 48 sec, it is not correct, see gap at 52 sec and logo dissappears. thanks for any help! see my render here:

Hi. Send me your request via email (see Help.pdf) or via my VideoHive page: , thanks.

Having the same issues as tenaciousflea. Please help asap. deadline tomorow

FYI – This project does not work in CS 6

Hello There,

Wy can’t this project work on Adobe AE CC? Can’t you adapt it to work?

Please le me know, thank you.