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Amazing! Good luck with sales!

Great project! Good luck to You!

Good one.

P.S. Syria should win the war.

i like your animation style….best wishes

Great work and good luck!

This is awesome! :)

This is badass! I don’t have a need for it, but I really wish i did. Good luck with sales.

This is pretty cool. Is there anyway to easily change the flag though?

Totally. Just open up the main flag file in PS and replace it with your image. May need to add a little texture to make it look only and wavy. But pretty easy.

do you have a cs5 version? bought it without checking

Unfortunately I don’t. If I did I would have it up there but I only have CS6, which back saves to CS5.5. If you have some experience in AE you could probably re-create the project using the pre-rendered files provided.

ok. thanks. not that smart but i’ll try

Hi. Just purchased this July 4th Animation. Where can I find the audio asset or link to purchase?

Thanks for the purchase. You can find links to both in the description.

Hi can i replace the flag with a different country ?

Hi can i replace the flag with a different country ?

If you have some AE experience, yes, you can use any flag. If you purchase this project, I will then send you the separate AE file that is just the flag, in this project you can make any flag you wish. I will be out of town this afternoon until next monday, so if you decide to purchase, please let me know asap so I can send it to you.

hey I have bought it will appreciate if you can send the file

Great. send me a message through my profile page so that I can get your email.

Where is the music that is shown in the preview????

The link is at the bottom of the product page. It isn’t included in the project.

Sorry I skipped over that like 3 times and didn’t see it. My bad. Thanks again!

no problem! happy fourth. For more templates geared towards churches, visit www.pixelpreacher.net