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Having the same problem as oGN93 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=spuijp&s=5#.UmYjtfm218E

Any fixes? it’s happening with every picture :(

I sent you mail :)

Thanks for the fast reply, one more thing any idea what font you used for the Viking intro?

Thanks again!

there is a link at the item’s page in description

Permaloop…Really cool reveal logo…loved it…Used it on a text opener for our coverage of the Hunger Games Catching Fire…great effect! you can see the logo in the beginning of the video: http://celeb.im/1dttXCc

I’m glad you liked it, thanks for sharing :)

Is there any chance to get the intro of the reveal too?

Hi there please mail me krotal68@gmail.com to send you the intro titles

Did, thanks alot!

Quick question…would it be easy enough to extend the intro music and effects? I would like to use this intro with four images total as the video opener. Thanks.

In general this template has been designed for logos or text, if you want to use photos you have to provide me with more details where and how you want to put them.
Please mail me at krotal68@gmail.com to make sure it fits for you before you buy the project.

Fantastic projects!!! Like them :)

Very professional!!!

Thanks mate!

Is there a way to chance the fire’s color? I like the effect but need blue fire for my project.

You can easily change the colors using the Effects Control Layer


how long it takes to do the rendering?

Hi, around 1h 26m on an i5 with 8gb ram, CS4 After effects version

Hello, I’m trying to customize the project with my logo, but it doesn’t get the effect in any way, it appears as it is just a little more bright. What can I do?

When opening the project it says that Streaks.mov is defect or something. :/ its rendering but something is a bit off. Is there a fix?

please install Quicktime player,it will install the codecs needed to open .mov files its free of charge and will solve the problem

Excellent project, just bought. Quick question: How would I set up the project to end up with an alpha channel/transparent background so that I can use this as a title with other layers underneath? Thanks again for a great project 8-)

If you are going to use the Fire Color version for your logo, open “_Logo Fire Colors” comp and disable “Back Flames End” and “Black Solid 6” layers, then in _Final Render comp create a fade out on “_Main Incandescent Logo” layer at some point after 07:00

do the same on other versions