Discussion on Ice Hockey Team Lineups

Discussion on Ice Hockey Team Lineups

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I want to insert video player instead of your layer player photo can i do this ? THANKS

Yes, should be no problem, except i’m not sure about the timing

Hi, I just purchased the movie. It looks great.

One question though: How do I add more players? We have three lines on our team (15 players), but there are only five player cards and photos.



Hi! Its pretty difficult to add more player cards since the camera moves are pre-rendered :( but if you want show all 3 lines like that you can make an animation for each line. The main point was only to show the first lines players as cards and rest of the team in the sheet that comes after. If this isn’t what you paid for you can make a refund :)

Hi, thanks for the quick response.

I’ll show the animation 3 times. It’s for a youth team and I don’t want to disappoint any kids :)



Great :) if you got any trouble with the project let me know and i’ll help you through it ;)

Is it easy to edit the “field”? Player placeholders in hockey is similar to Lacrosse. I would love to use this for Lacrosse seasons. Thanks.

Yeah, the field is a illustrator (.ai) file that can be modified, but the camera moves are pre-made so the player positions are basically “fixed” ... I think that the futsal/handball project could be better for Lacrosse :)

ok im doing that right now, after im done with that the logos will be there throughout or do i have to save it a certain way? also if you email me at that will be a huge help instead of going back an forth in the comments.


I’ll mail you :)

I read the short file im still not sure i quite understand does the logos have to be an ai file or can they be png or jpeg etc? also to import can i just drag the logos in or does it have to be done a certain way? thanks for your help!

Logos doesn’t have to be in .ai format, but .jpg file is not suitable because the logo (mostly) needs to have an alpha channel.. so .png, .tiff or some format with alpha.. Open the home team logo pre-composition and replace the default logo with your own, then it is automatically updated throughout the project. :) same goes for away team

I purchased your graphic and have adobe after effects cs6 is this ok? also can you help get me started with this project im kinda pressed for time and im going to need to be mostly done by saturday


CS6 is even better :) First you could read the short read me file, which introduces you to the project, then you can ask me anything and I’ll go it through with you.

does it need to be edited and rendered on a certain editing or special graphics system?

Yes, you need Adobe After Effects CS5 software.

Hello, can this be edited with different teams and would it work on very interested if it does

Sure, it is also very simple.. There are pre-comps where you just drag and drop the team logos, and same goes for player photos :) then just type the infos and render. And of course I will assist you if you have any trouble.

I was just going to say….Do one for Soccer and I would buy.

Really creative, well implemented and usefull.

Will keep an eye out for the different sports.

Great Job!!

thanks alot :) Yeah, I’ll make a soccer version also, i takes little longer with more players on the field

do one for basketball and football and I would buy.

I will :)

Good work friend :)

Thanks! I hope this has a marketvalue :DD

superb… good luck :)

Cool, really creative! Good luck!


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