Discussion on iBG | 300+ Loop Backgrounds

Discussion on iBG | 300+ Loop Backgrounds

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Doesn’t work trough Envato Elements (I bought it there), the License Code I got from there is invalid, so unusable.

Hello! If you want to use the ATOMX extension, you must purchase the project from Videohive. Envato Elements does not provide a purchase code

Neon no. 1, 17, 18, etc… Just don’t work, it’s either completely blurred out or just appears as a bunch of squares. It seems like it just previews the mp4 files as a bunch of squares. Couldn’t find a way to fix it online. Please let me know why and how can I fix this because it’s just impossible to use in its current condition.

I changed to Mercury GPU acceleration (cuda) from Mercury software only under project settings and then I changed it back and it displayed the background but just really slow so I just turned off time remap (clicked on the layer and then “U”) and now it works. Not sure whose fault is it but it’s just weird.

Hi! Contact us via email –

Just purchased this pack but it says the ‘validity of purchase code has expired’ when trying to activate

Hi! Sorry for a waiting… Do you still have this problem ? Contact us via mail – This may be a problem with ATOMX servers. It usually disappears after a while.

Question – is it a simple enough task to make these a seamless loop? I do see it says unlimited length, but I’m curious if a short seamless loop is possible?

Hello! Thanks for the question! Yes, of course, the seamlessness is automatically created by the ATOMX extension, you just need to stretch or shorten the layer to the length you want. No other action is required

Also you can change the animation speed using the marker, as shown in the description and preview

We can show you how it works in more detail. Contact us if you want to see this –

have u guide how to create LOOP bg from your project? cuz what i see – its not loop bg’s

and more…

many elements no resize for 4K, all elements become huge.

for example, you need the number of points to also increase at 4K resolution

if u open include scenes – they have resolution 1920×1080 and this is not 4K, respectively, your product description is not entirely correct

respectively – “Works with ANY RESOLUTION!” – its not quite true cuz picture is just blurry

please change item description so that your item is adapted for 1920×1080 and now item not work on 2K, 4K.

dont mislead buyers, you have a good project, everything is pretty beautiful, just add real 4k support later

digital background 09, have many square dots and this dots made 1080p and no changes when resize to 4K, and look huge, and the squares of background themselves look huge and blurry

and have no chance fast change size big square in 4K mode… 1080p have normal size big square but in 4K big square is VERY HUUUUGE

Support is just disgusting, rating for other two projects i bought will be underestimated.

I am not supposed to buy this unfinished product to get an answer to my question.

I work from someone elses PC, where there is a license for this product, which was not bought by me, i want to understand if i need it at all, but because of this attitude towards a potential client, you and your product go where next

Do not send a person from product page, especially who has not bought project yet, to email, when you are not going to help him a priori, when they write to you that you must provide the purchase code, and i ask questions here, because i want to know HOW IT WORKS before how to buy. This is a comment section, not a support section.

Awesome work!! Good Luck !!


What happens when I change the resolution from Full HD 1920×1080 to 1080×1080 for Glassmorphism?
Does the front rectangle (with rounded corners) become equilateral? And if I set the resolution to 1080×1920, will this translucent screen become vertical?
Will the circles stay round?
To use the composition for both YouTube and Instagram, the circles must remain round and the front screen must change proportions. Will I get it? Can you show such screenshots?

Yes, we can make a screenshot for you. Please contact us via email

Everything works great even in Win7 & After Effects 2019 v16.1.3 (Build 5)
It is a very powerful tool for both YouTube and Instagram.



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