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I am looking at buying this as a graphic opener for a speaker and only need one segment of this. How hard would it be to extend one segment of this for a little longer in order for the audience to have plenty of time to read the name of the speaker and credentials?

The project may be extended if you have little knowledge of After Effects! First you need to extend the main composition! Then, you have 10 segments, each segment was given a camera with keys! You should extend all the layers in the main composition and change the length of the camera segment that you want to proceed! Of course, the keys on the camera, and the light layers to adjust to the new length, but if you can move the length of the segment!

The easiest way to move the keys and adjust to new lengths to select all the layers and press the letter “u” on the keyboard, then you will get all the keys to all the layers and see what needs to be moved and adjusted to new lengths!

If you require assistance please contact me at my e-mail!

Thanks! I was able to figure it out after opening the file, but thanks for the quick response. Great work!

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Beautiful work! One question. I’m getting a blank white screen when I open this project in CS5 and CS6 . Any thoughts? Please advise.

I think that you probably have not installed additional plugin “Optical Flares”!

So open the PreRender version of the project!

If you require assistance please contact me at my e-mail!

Thank you for your purchase!

Great work, congrats :)

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it’s perfect

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Excellent project! Well done!

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Hey. How do I change the words that show at the beginning of the logo transition? I am having trouble finding the place to fill in this text.


Last text message is is in the Text holder 10! Text in the transition of the logo is located in the folder Precomps, It is the “Mask for logo”! Type the words in his composition “Mask for logo” for the transition!

Feel free to send me a mail if you need more help! Thank you for purchasing a project!


Feel free to send me a mail if you need more help!

Thank you for purchasing a project!

Very nice proyect!! Well done!

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excellent work!!

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I will be having a 6 to 8mn max video with TYPO that explains the video segments being displayed. How much would you charge to be in charge of the customization of this ? It needs to look similar to your animation with few changes here and there. the biggest challenge is to have the various videos sequence last maybe around 30 secs each (the video all toghether last 6mn to 8mns but is made of around 12 sequences). Obviously, I will provide the edited videos along the text for illustrations. But again, the general idea is to end up with something very similar to your animation. Please email me directly to ratibsoufian@gmail.com to make an offer.


An Excellent work – keep it up man!

Thanks man