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Hey max I just had a question for you before I buy your product. Are Some of the graphs interactable with you actual computer like downloading things or cpu speed and or temps? Also are those icon pictures clickable so I can make it seem like the image is a one piece image type thing? I’m no expert at this so sorry if you didn’t understand what I mean. Last thing I was wondering what program do I need to download to start inputting?

Also I forgot to mention what’s the difference between this 800 image on versus the 700 one that 69 dollars? So I can make a decision if I want to get the other one ?

Hi. Thanks for your inquiry.

I understand what you mean. Actually its not interact able like websites as it doesn’t have programming at the back end. Its interaction is modular meaning for example in Iron Man Tony Stark is talking to to the computer or moving things around with hand gestures etc. its done by matching with Tony Stark’s movement.

The graphs are generic they don’t interact with your computer. However you can make them look like they are interacting by tweaking the timeline but that needs an expert.

You need After Effects CS6 or above to be able to use this Template.

lastly yes there is a difference in design but I personally like HUD 800+

Hi! Cool looking project. I just have a couple of questions.

Are the values of the graphs and meters customizable? For example, can I plug actual numbers into the graph points and create an accurate representation of real numbers?

Also, are the meter bars linked to the corresponding numbers so that if I change a number, the meter bar length will reflect that change?

Hi. Its customizable but not responsive.

I bought it and get a download, where are only Jpegs no AE Data or anythin. Im confused. If Jpegs is what I get this is not very helpful

Please re-Download because its full AE project with all files. May be your download wasn’t complete.

Hi, is there a reason this is cheaper than the HUD UI Pack 700+? Their descriptions are very similar and it seems like this one has more stuff, but it’s cheaper. I’m trying to decide what to purchase. Thanks

Wow! Thanks. Please don’t forget to rate 5 Stars specially for HUD 700+

One more thing, I think for this project, in the ‘Military UI screen Preview’ comp, there is accidentally a ‘Medical Main 01’ comp inside. I can easily drag and drop the the others, but just letting you know for you a future update :)

Thank you for pointing it out.

I have an action script error when i open the project

missing a semi colon

Hi, Please email me the comp name at or try deleting the script as sometimes its a little thing that is not even noticeable. If all is well then it no problem.