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Can I customize text and signs ?

Hi! Yes, you can change all the texts. Link to the font you can find in description.

Thx, than I buy it )

Thank you for purchasing! If you have any questions send me an email, on russian if you want :)

that`s one of the best HUD/UI pack i`ve ever seen!

Thank you!

Very cool! Big job! like your performance style and approach to business! :)

Good job, friend! It looks very stylish :)

Amazing work. =) GuitarNation

Saw this on the Expanse last night! Congrats :)

Yes, almost certain it was this.

Nice Thanks) 2 season 10 ep?

HI, I don’t understand about After Effects, but I want to use this graphics on a little game I’m making

If I buy this, is it possible transfer these images to photoshop to edit them?

Hi! You can save elements as layered photoshop file, but text will be not editable as I know.


b4wx Purchased

hud ui files (both cc and cs6) versions aren’t able to be opened. AE states the file does not exist for some reason. Running latest version of AE CC.

The only workaround is to drag the actual .aep file into the project window when AE is already open… but then while it’s loading it spews out a ton of GlyphID issues.

We’ve tried this on multiple machines (3 to be exact) with the same issues.

Unusable at this point. Need assistance ASAP, or would like a refund. Thank you

Hi. It should work fine. Try to download again and unzip. You are first with that issue. Thank you.

are these elements loopable if i extend timelines in comps?

Hey! Elements have 15 min duration, but also its animations are endless, so you can extend the timelines.

oh thats perfect 15mins is more than enough. what about your rise ui template – setup is similar?

the Rise is the same, exept one comp in a human layer, I used a 30 sec png pre-renders for scan rings around body to faster render, but also the composition has original animations.

This package is amazing. Great Job. Watching new Star Strek Discovery Serie i saw your package elements on the spacecraft interfaces.

Thank you! Great to know! :)