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I have a question. I’d like to use this for a Christmas sing-along video. Is it possible to use chroma keyed video for all of the heads instead of photos?

Yes absolutely!

Does anyone know who can help me change the characters here?, I am a marketer but I don’t know much about video editing. I usually ask someone from fiverr but so far no luck. Let me know. Tks.

Hello, I need 13 characters. I have CS4 and 32bit Windows. Please make a short video tutorial, how I can put more characters.

This does not work for me:

1- You can duplicate the faces comps and the character comps in the project panel (ctrl + D) 2- Then in the new character comps replace the current face comps with the new ones. Select the current face comp in the timeline then hold down the alt key while dragging the new face comp from the project panel to the timeline. The new face comp will replace the old one. 3- In the final comp, duplicate the one of the existing characters (ctrl + D) or (cmnd + D) then replace the duplicated character comp with the new one in the project panel. 4- You may not see the character in the preview at first. With the new character layer selected hit “ee” on your keyboard to bring up the expressions. Look at the expression in the opacity property to see which character the layer is linked to, it will look something like this: thisComp.layer(“Character Control Panel”).effect(“Character 02 Male”)(“Checkbox”)*100 In this example, the new character is sharing the same checkbox as the Character 02 male in the Character Control Panel (the first layer in the final comp). Make sure to check the box for Character 02 Male so your new character is visible. 5- With the select tool, drag the layer controls, just the red arrow or X axis to move the character. Repeat the above process as many times as you like. Where you put the characters is totally up to you.

Please make a video tutorial. Thanks!

Hi, See the updated FAQ with a link to a video tutorial-


Thank you very much! Great I have it. Thanks

you’re very welcome!

When I add a female with long hair, part of her hair gets chopped off. How do I work around that? I noticed in the sample you have female characters with long hair, even pony tails.

you can move the face up in the replace Faces comps so that the hair is visible inside the comp. Next, go to the character’s comp found in the folder “Characters”. you can move the head up or down, only the head’s rotation is animated. You may need to move the anchor point on the face layer depending on how high you move it in the ‘replace faces’ comp.

Quick question. Is the first image of the envelope editable? I don’t want it to say “from the North Pole”


Yes, all of the text is editable :)

Excellent work! – but when I render, the sound is missing. Any ideas? (I did check the add sound on the render screen)

hmmm….I’m not sure… I would just double check that the audio layers aren’t turned off in the render comp?

Hahaha, absolutely fantastic!


Hi There. I bought the audio file but I am unable to add it to the composition. Kindly advise on how I should add it in.

Hi! thanks for purchasing! You can drag & drop in the audio file from the Project Panel to the final composition (the one you render). If you’re using versions below CC, make sure you check the Audio box in the Render Settings. Thanks!

Hi, i am finding it very difficult to work with this file as it is taking a long time to preview, scrub through the timeline or do anything. I will be changing the video quite drastically i.e no book opening at the beginning, and no characters for the first few seconds just the snow scene and then i want to make all the characters pop up. Any setting suggestions to help speed up the file whilst working?

Hi Sounds like you need to check your Multiprocessing settings, allocate more or less RAM to AE or try previewing at 1/4 res. You can also try temporarily turning off the light layers so they don’t take up processing power by generating shadows. Thanks!

Turning layers of has done the trick thank you :)

you’re welcome! glad to help

FluxVFX, I have spent days reworking this file and now I am sort of losing my mind here as I can’t export everything as one video.

When I go to “Render Queue” and also “Make Movie” all of these files and folders won’t render as one grouped video. HELP please! I have a deadline in two hours.

Hi, sorry for the late response! There’s a folder in the Project Panel labled ‘Render Comp’. Open that folder then open the composition labeled “Holiday Faces Pop Up Card SNOW”. You will render this comp to export a movie. Thanks!

Hi, Great project! How do I change the star on top of the tree?

hi, sorry for the late response! It’s layer #38 in the Final render comp. The shape layer itself can’t be replaced by AE but you can copy/paste the star layers keyframes to your new layer. Be sure it starts and ends at the same time as the star layer after you add it to the render timeline.

Hi. I bought this ítem and I had downloaed twice with the same result: Error. Cant to import the file “snowy christmas tree” is damaged or no is compatible. I had tried some times with the same error. How can I to fix this ? Thanks

Are you on a Mac or PC? It’s a quicktime movie so it you might have an issue on a Windows system. If you’re on a Mac try updating Quicktime. If the problem persists please let me know.

Do i need an older version for this to work? I have AF CC (2018) is there another tutorial for this version. I feel like i’m missing a step.

It works in all versions, is there something in particular you need help with?

This would work great for a project I’m working on, but I need it to be secular. Can the presents, tree and such be replaced with other items with a transparent background?

Hi. This is turning out perfect for my needs.

I’m having an issue with AE crashing whenever I try to render the project with the light layers enabled. (Renders fine with them off.)

I’m using CC2019 with a VERY beefy laptop. Any ideas on how to get this to render out with the light layer engaged? Looks so much better.


I’m sorry but I don’t know, it might have to do with available RAM or needing to purge the cache.

I’ve worked it out. Thanks for the reply.


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Hello, is there a way to resize the characters so that I can add more in? When I do in one scene, they reappear bigger in later scenes.

Hi, The characters’ scale properties are animated when the book opens/closes, so if you resize them new keyframes are created so that might explain why they’re not staying the same size. If you apply the Transform effect- Effects/Distort/Transform you can scale and reposition the characters and all the animation will stay in place.


mlyle2 Purchased

Thanks for the reply. What does that mean for the added characters that are having to be placed in different spots? Are you available to edit my .aep file if I send it to you for pay?

I would normally be able to help but I’ll be out of office for the next two weeks, Fiverr is a good place to find someone to do this for you, there’s lots of experienced people to choose from at reasonable prices :)