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Wow, she’s a beauty :)

Wow, this is nice. I’m new at this so I hope it is ok I ask a question before buying.

I realize you need After Effects to edit this. I downloaded AE CS6 as a trial. Here are my questions:

1. Can I use AE CS6 TRIAL to edit?

2. Are there instructions on how to edit AE project files like yours?


Thank you :)
About your questions:
1. The trial version is fully functional so you shouldn’t have any problems editing the project.
2. There is documentation in the project, but still you’ll need some basic AE skills to edit it. If you are a beginner I suggest you look at this site, or search for AE tutorials for beginners in

Awesome work! I will purchase this and use mostly the last part. Any chance you might make a logo revealer starting with the shot at :08? I think it would sell…to me at least! :) I would like the shot at :08 to be full smoke cover, then as the camera slowly moved from the side to front (no cut, just a smooth cameras move), the smoke clears away to show the logo. Thanks for the great work!

Hi Andrew,
it’s a very nice idea, I’ll have it in mind :)
Thank you!

Hello Flasheasy, I checked your portfolio and you have really nice works mate.. You have a diffrent viewpoint, like it!

Do you have the 3D monster for sale?

Can you change the last part with the logo to white? So for example the background is white and also the smoke?

HERE is an example.
If you feel comfortable working with After Effects you shouldn’t have problems adjusting it even further.

This item should be featured. Congrats. The number two is even better…


In what program you made the monster? Whether it is possible to get sources?

Hi flasheasy, thanks for the pack, I just bought it! Can you tell me how you made the smoke? I need to create additional smoke and could probably create that myself if you point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Hi there,
You can have a look how 3D smoke simulations are created. It’s something you won’t be able to do inside After Effects though.

Hi flasheasy, I’m using c4d, did you do it in Blender or in another 3d app?