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Great logo sting!

very nice work …................................ :)

Awesome, absolutely great look, congrats mate! I wish you great sales! :)

Thank you very much mate :)

Well done ,Really cool idea!! ;)

Hi can you please tell me what the font is you used?

Hi, the font is Batman Forever

What sound has been used?

Hi mate! You have a help file in the download folder.

Found it. Thank You!

You’re Welcome

Hi, I just bought this project but having some issues. I sent you an email with some screenshots.

I’ve sent you an email.

Thanks for the help! Working great and it’s very well made.

Hello! Can a novice Adobe After Effects user (like me) change text, like the text under “objectives” and such?


I might add, I can learn software pretty quickly, and am relatively adept at using Photoshop. I was just wondering if it would be easy for me to learn how to change the text in the video.

Sorry for my late reply. I was out of town. Yes, sure, you can change every text. You will find a tutorial in the download folder.