HiTech HUD Circle Target-Radar #01

HiTech HUD Circle Target-Radar #01

Hello friends,

This is my collection of animated HiTech HUD Circles with customizable Radar Sweeps and tutorial for Radar Waves. I wanted to create HUDs, which would be more customizable for unique specific look as each editor is unique.

This pack is full of elements that allow to create:

  • HUD Circle
  • HUD Multiple Complex Circles
  • HiTech Radars
  • Action Targets

You can use many different techniques to recreate basic elements and combine them in different ways. Play with settings like: (Opacity, Blending mode, Mask, Matte, Scale, Rotation, Rotation (expression), Glow, Tint..) and Multiple duplicates.

  • 5x HiTech HUD Circles-Target
  • 25x Radar Sweeps

1) HiTech HUD Circles-Target

  • HD 1080p @29.97fps
  • QuickTime (PNG, RGB + Alpha)
  • Length: 15 sec
  • No loop
  • [ i ] To achieve LOOP cheat illusion, crossfade the two same clips in transition
  • [ i ] Use “Matte” or “Mask” for easy customizable crop

2) Radar Sweeps

  • 1920×1080px
  • JPEG
  • Perfectly centered
  • Easy customizable
  • [ i ] Try to play with “Blending mode”. Add, Screen..
  • [ i ] Set “Opacity” for specific look
  • [ i ] To animate image of Radar Sweep use for “Rotation” expression: time*100 (You can play around with speed and direction (negative value))
  • [ i ] For random wiggle animation use: wiggle(1,100) (Play around to achieve specific look)

Please rate and comment if you like it, I appreciate that.