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Awesome work=)

Great job! :)

Good animation, my friend!

Awesome logo! Congrats!

Hello I would like to buy the product. But I do not know how to edit to put my logo and text. Is there a manual?

Can you generate some other form of payment?

Unfortunately no=(

But it seems like you have purchased it=). Thanks a lot! If you have some questions please let me know

hello Ulyana_7000!! your work it´s so nice, but i have a little problem. Can you help me? My logo don´t apply the second form (colors), only appears in blue. I will try to change the colors in the composition “CONTROLERS” but doesn´t change. How can i make it?

Do you want to leave original colors of your logo? Use checkbox “Colorize Logo”.

Hello. Where can I change the color of my Logo? I need the original Color and not the blue overlay. And I also dont find the “Checkbox” Can you please help me with that issue