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Hello, if i were to purchase this item now, will i be able to get the plugins immediately? My project is due tmrw

Yes i can send the pre-rendered version, please contact me via email to get a faster answer

Great template!

Hello, I bought this video and I sent you a private mail but till now i did not receive any reply. Could you please send me the version that you have prepared with all the plugins included? Many thanks. Best regars.

Can you please let me know your e-mail address ?

Hello, I have sent you already my email adrress in a private mail. Could you please send me the requested information? I really need this. Here you have it again: Thanks.

Crossed Mails, I’ve just answered to your request.

All the best

Hi, the template doesn’t work! Please help me!


Thanks for your purchase

Please use the contact form on the right of my profile page to get dedicated file support


Thank you for your support! Now it works perfectly!