Discussion on Helicopter Alpha Channel

Discussion on Helicopter Alpha Channel

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Great start here :)
Good work dude

thank man!

Man, this steal for the price

Get it before its gone lol hahah jk. thanks man!

Good job! All get to da choppa!

thank you you just gave a idea going to make a get to the choppa one lol

LOL, It’d be a steal if it did any other kind of moves, which is probably why the low price. Get any other kind of movement in there and it will be more pricey. It is a good looking chopper though.

soon, ill be able to spend $50 and make a whole battle scene with just the stuff i get on videohive

all you need is rambo and some tanks

Good job!It’s so great! Best wish for you! :)

Good work! This might be very useful! :)

Nice job… Congratulation to your first item in a your new shop ;)

UPDATE: Seller got it to work for me great! and spend a lot of time to fix problem. I retract my previous comments and recommend purchasing any of their items, as they take great pride in their work. I will be on the lookout for all industry kidz items.