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That’s badass!

Very nice work Creattive, good luck!

Wow! awesome!

great work, very clean and cool idea ;) good luck

This is an amazing project! :)

wow! realy amazing! good luck with the sales!

sehr gute Idee + Umsetzung , weiter so ! :)

Looks very nice :)

Very nice

Do you definitely need Plug-Ins for this?

I ask because it says “Yes” , but then also says “Optional prerenders for faster rendertime”

(I want this but I do not have the Plug-In)

Hi yes you need particular for this. The prerenders are only the background elements who can be prerendered. But the logo going up in flames/sparks needs particular.

Nevertheless, contact me for customization job. I can make you a good price :)

Thanks, I will. Just curious, is it a lot more work for an author to include prerenders of plug-ins? Wondering why some projects have them and some do not.

hi it is more like: is it possible to include prerenders? if yes, most of them do include them so that you can sell it as “no plugins required”. but in my case the plugin is used with the logo, which of course shall be interchangeable, why it is not possible to prerender.

I’ve only included prerenders of the background to make it more easy to work with the template if you have not such a high-end machine.

Just saw this. Stands out from the rest. It’s awesome!

thank you

Wow! That’s an awesome work.

Thank you very much :)

Every file is just teaching about quality in motion graphics, ton of value work :)

Congrtaulations, big success

Thanks :)

Hi, I just purchased this today and I got numerous error messages when I tried to open it with the newest version of After Effects CC. It seems to be a compatibility problem not only with the project but with some of the file formats – CC can’t read it. Any chance you can send me a copy that will work?

Hi, thanks for letting me know. Adobe did remove compatibility with some Quicktime Codecs that some Assets are using in this project. I will update the project and will be able to send you a working version tomorrow.

If you cannot wait for the fix, you should be able to use an older After Effects version like CC2014.

Kind regards, Tobi