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Thank you all of you, guys! :)

Love this design and idea! Really good work! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

It looks great mate!! I really like the style and overall look. Wish you many sales :)

Thank you so much, my friend! :)

You did it again :) Great work !

Thank you! :)

Great work fella! Love the color scheme!

Thanks a lot, Dobromir! ;)

You have such a beautiful style, my friend! Great image and light treatment, colors, everything! Superb! :)

Ada, Jo, thanks a lot for your kind words! I’m always glad to see you, my friends!

Beautiful slideshow, Wayman! Well done! :)

Thanks a lot! ;)

I feel your style!

Thanks, my friend that you feel it! :)

Hello, can I use like 60 pics on this file? I must know asap, I need to do a wedding slideshow before Friday,Can you help me??please respond


Yes, you can. You can add 60 pics or 70, as many pics as many you need. In the project is included a video tutorial about how to add more photo placeholders.

Best Regards,

You got it, done deal.

Thanks! :)

Hey Wayman, I render my comp and it came out choppy, any idea why? Im using a dell with icore 7 processor. Can you help me??

Please, go to my profile and send me a message about your problem. Also please attach the video file that you got after the rendering.

i did reply on your profile, send me email,please.

question? I want to add music in premiere pro, what setting comp you recommend?

Alberto, please, check your mail, I sent a message to you.

i sent back a message, waiting on your support,thanks.

This is super, just one question for the Wedding version…

Am I right in thinking I can turn off the love heart layer ?

Thanks, Shaun

Thank you! Yes you are right. Also, you can add other shape instead of heart.

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Great! Thank you, just purchased :-)

Is it possible to change that snowflakes to smth else? For example to music notes

Da, konechno! I mean — yes of course! :)