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This work made my day! :bigsmile: Very nicely done!

thank Wayman :D

You did a great job with this video! Congrats!

thank Raduchits :D

Awesome template and great support !

thank again :D inverters

please replace the sheeps via dogs :)))

thanks for interested :D i will create for next project

Hi there, I am trying to follow your notes on how to change the background to paper and I cannot make it work. Do you have any instructions for dummy’s on how to do that?

Also how can I remove one of the sheep from the movie clip? Thanks

Awesome krub :)

Thanks terusawa :D

bank508 hello.

Men, i need your help. Look, i have bought this project, and in the file folder i see an autodesk 3DS max file, i want to rotate the sheep to see the face in front, but when i want to render the video with the new configuration, i can’t see anything. Do you know how to do this, work with autodesk 3DS max?

Thank you!

Sheep is 3d file in 3docean (now it free file this month) it not happy sheep project and I think in sheep_max2011 it want vray plug-in for render :D

:/ ups, do you know the plug-in bank? thank you for your help

Really you can use version obj or fbx :D

Thank you bank508 for the excellent template and support. I have used it here: http://youtu.be/VCMM2tvTfSc

this is a fun one!

Thanks tillimanjaro :D

Hey the picture you show at the end with the lambs and the picket fence where did you get it? I would like to purchase this project and also would like to use that picture thanks

When you purchase , please contact me through my profile page. Thanks :D



Thanks :D

Very nice i like it:) Thanks for great job….

I am trying to include music and I cannot make it work. Do you have any instructions for dummy’s on how to do that?

Thx for fast help. Best author here:)

LOVE this! If you can do it with cute chickens, I’ll buy it for sure!

Haha, these sheep crack me up! Great work my friend! Nice music too. I hope you find some of my music suitable to use in some of your next projects :)

Thanks Rocketrax :D

Hey. Nice project. Where can I see the “9 Sheep Actions”?, I mean: what are the specific actions sheep can perform?. Thanks!

Upside down flying sheep – I loved it! By the way, you have one of the coolest avatars around!

Thanks Awkward_Ninja :D

Hello Mr. designer. You do not have purchasing power projects. Is it possible for you to Email one of their projects for me? armanvernal@gmail.com thank you very much…

Thanks BlackCrocodile :D