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Hi Zhen

Good day i am going to purchase this awesome work , can you customize it for me , but i will send you the necessary information and images it it fine with you.

how about music file – the same file okay or do i need to purchase

warm Regards Ram

sorry for delay email sent!

Dear zhen how are you long time no see

i need your help to customoize , kindly let me know what is your charge , i have already purchased your item.

you can get the details from


and you put necessary items from home page slider , contact details) and product page. and let me know your charge also so that i can pay for it

Many Thanks Ram

Hi yes we can help you please send me email from my profile page!and I’ll give you a price

When I render the project, the background shows up black. However, i can see it when I am working on the project. Mac, AE CC 2014 release. Any ideas??

Never mind. I figured it out. They were set as guide layers for some reason.

great and thanks for your purchase

Dear Zhenjueyimen! I try to open my project (which I bought a long time ago but have not used) in Adobe CC. The background turns out black. Is this something you can help me with? Thanks for a great looking presentationproject btw. Best wishes, Dag

Hi thanks for purchasing just turn off guide layer in composition!

Hi, can i add video footage instead of pictures at the check our products ?

yes you can but only 3-4S display time per video allowed

Hello, thank you, it’s awesome ! I have a question, in my vidéo (here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aOt5iJViT4) I’m trying to have “company description 1” more longer (+1sec), but i dont know to make it in AE. :’(

Hi thanks for purchasing
please just unshy all layers and make them rearrangement in time line