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Hi Zhen

Good day i am going to purchase this awesome work , can you customize it for me , but i will send you the necessary information and images it it fine with you.

how about music file – the same file okay or do i need to purchase

warm Regards Ram

sorry for delay email sent!

Dear zhen how are you long time no see

i need your help to customoize , kindly let me know what is your charge , i have already purchased your item.

you can get the details from


and you put necessary items from home page slider , contact details) and product page. and let me know your charge also so that i can pay for it

Many Thanks Ram

Hi yes we can help you please send me email from my profile page!and I’ll give you a price

When I render the project, the background shows up black. However, i can see it when I am working on the project. Mac, AE CC 2014 release. Any ideas??

Never mind. I figured it out. They were set as guide layers for some reason.

great and thanks for your purchase

Dear Zhenjueyimen! I try to open my project (which I bought a long time ago but have not used) in Adobe CC. The background turns out black. Is this something you can help me with? Thanks for a great looking presentationproject btw. Best wishes, Dag

Hi thanks for purchasing just turn off guide layer in composition!

Hi, can i add video footage instead of pictures at the check our products ?

yes you can but only 3-4S display time per video allowed

Hello, thank you, it’s awesome ! I have a question, in my vidéo (here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aOt5iJViT4) I’m trying to have “company description 1” more longer (+1sec), but i dont know to make it in AE. :’(

Hi thanks for purchasing
please just unshy all layers and make them rearrangement in time line

Before I buy it I have a question. Have you some information about parts of your item that have intellectual property rights in a REAL-world products. Expect pictures from another items and Envato logo. Please, read my question with more attention below.

In the right column inside this item here I see ‘Not property released’ label. By my experience, it doesn’t mean that you include something from another items, or Envato logo, but it means (by envato team support) that it’s can include something from real world products or trademark. I know it because one time ago I have similar problem with another item. And they answer same that I write here. That it doesn’t mean that it’s because you include something from another item’s or Envato logo.

They write that https://videohive.net/licenses/faq#property-release-a : ‘Not property released’ means that the author of the item you’ve purchased may not be the owner of the intellectual property rights in a real-world product or trademark that appears in the item. If an item contains a real-world product or trademark (or any other real object or building), the original owner of copyright, trademark or other rights in that real-world thing may not have cleared the item. If an item does not contain a real world product, trademark or other real object, then this notice doesn’t apply.

So if you want to use the item for your project, you’ll need to consider how you’ll be using the item. If it’s for a non-editorial purpose you’ll need to get clearance from the original rights owner. That’s because there is no connection between the original rights owner and Envato or the author. The original rights owner also does not endorse the item, the author or Envato.

For example, the author has created a 3D model of a Mercedes car. The car is a real-world product which the author did not create. Although the author created and owns the 3D model, they don’t own any intellectual property rights in the real car itself, Mercedes does. So it’s OK to use the 3D model for editorial purposes but if you want to use that 3D model for other purposes, you’ll need to contact Mercedes to get permission.

Hi please Rest assured! the entire project was created originally by my team and I also can show you some stage photo for your reference below

Hi, In this Video, Can i place text for each Product item

Hi, How can i Add more 15 Products in this video, please help

Hi more than 15 product need advance edit skill if necessary we can help you with low price