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rccjax Purchased

Hello – the logo is displayed as a black box in Resolve. How can I fix?

Hey, sorry for the inconvenience. You mean you can’t change it to your logo at all? Or can you chage it in the same way as shown in tutorial video?

Hello – having an issue in FCPX. When I add the animation to a square project (Instagram for example) and I resize the logo to fit, on export the logo keeps blowing back out to 100% and cutting off. Is there a way to fix this??

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. First, could you tell me the date when you bought it on Videohive? Thanks!

This was through Envato Elements subscription.

I see. To fix the issue you might try opening the project in a newer version of FCPX or in an older one, which is still supported by the project.

Else you might try adding a keyframe to the logo scale. As if you were going to animate the logo scale, but just keeping it at the same size. This might “un-glitch” that bug.

Another way is to render out the customized template in it’s original dimensions. (if the issue is caused by different dimensions) And only then import that finished video file into your square project.

If everything fails and you still need help you might try messaging the author of the project via the email form on their profile, and sending them your logo/text that you want to use in the template. Then perhaps they’ll render out the animation for you :)