Hand Drawn Animations - Ver 1.3

Hand Drawn Animations - Ver 1.3

Hand Drawn Animations

Version 1.3 Now Available! (Released on May 7th 2015.)
- 38 new elements added. Extensive .pdf help file included. Transparent .png still frames of all animations now included.
Version 1.2 (Released on November 27th 2014.)
- 86 new elements added including Letters, Numbers, Punctuation Symbols and lots more other animations.
Version 1.1 Released on November 12th 2014.
(More free updates coming for those who purchase this template!)

Something not in our collection that you would like??
Send us an email or comment below. We are happy to create custom animations which can be then added to the next version release.

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Black Line or White Line Effect:

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  • 218 Hand Drawn Animated Design Elements.
  • 18 Categories of animations including: Arrows, Blobs, Splashes, Splats, Circles, Flowers, Hearts, Letters, Lines, Nature, Numbers, Objects, Other, Sparks, Explosions, Squares, Stars & Symbols.
  • They have a fully transparent background and are easy to drag and drop into compositions and to colorize.
  • High Resolution up to 1000px in width or height.
  • Each file has been animated at 10fps (frames per second).
  • All files are well named (incl pixel dimensions) and organised into folders for easy use. E.g.Arrows/Arrow_DrawOnThin_800X800.
  • All Design Element files are in .swf format and have been hand animated in Adobe Flash using the latest Wacom Pro Graphics Tablet.

Other features include:
– No plug-ins required
– Compositions in 1920×1080 Full HD
– Created in AE CS5
– Approx 200+ hours of animating work & over 1000 hand drawn frames.
– The .swf elements are of a small file size averaging around 50kb each. – The design elements folder that comes with the .zip file can be used with other video editing software so is not just limited to After Effects. – Each .swf file can stay on screen for longer durations by using time remapping and looping expressions (or duplicating the 5 frames where the full picture is displayed.

Also provided:
- Animated GIF for each hand drawn design element.
- High Resolution jpg example images for previewing inside of after effects.
- Super High Res Gallery of the first 100 animations. Every design element positioned on one large still frame.
- 2 Video Tutorials included – explaining ‘How to use’ in After Effects: 01 How To Import Design Elements & 02 How To Change Color of Elements.
- A ‘How to use’ and ‘Read Me’ file also included.

This product is in the form of a .zip file that is available for digital download.

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Send us an email if you would like us to create something specific to add in to the collection. We’d love to hear from you.

What can you create?

Example screenshot of the first 100 elements in Version 1.1

Animation Sequences

List of Individual Animations: Arrows, wiggly Lines, blobs, splashes, trails, circles, dashed Lines, flowers, hearts, lines, nature, outlines, scribbles, squiggles, spirals, nature, objects, dots, light bulb, sparks, explosions, squares, stars, symbols, punctuation, question marks, exclamation marks, at symbol, @ symbol, ampersand.

*This product can also be used independently of After effects. For example, the .zip file contains the folder by itself containing all of the design elements which can be imported into Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and other editing software.

References: The audio track for this preview video can be found at the following link:
(Ctrl click to open in a new tab)

Video Reference: Kicking Ball by XnitroX
Video Reference: Misbehavior Holiday by Press Master
Video Reference: Man Typing on a Small Laptop Computer by Grey_Coast_Media
Video Reference: Loop-able swinging light bulb on concrete wall by humbak
Video Reference: Family Union by Pressmaster
Video Reference: Time Square in New York. by CineGeek
Video Reference: Inspiration Moment by Press Master
Video Reference: Man Looking To The Camera 2 by Grey_Coast_Media
Video Reference: Girl Photographer by zavarykin
Video Reference: Doctor Working On Tablet Computer 2 by marians
Video Reference: Silhouettes Of People In A Cafe by Doppel_MJ
Video Reference: Girl Reading Book In Autumn Park by Skuridin
Image Reference: Boy Thumbs Up
Image Reference: Lady at computer
Image Reference: Business Meeting
Image Reference: Smartphone
Image Reference: Student
Image Reference: hispanic-woman-against-a-brick-wall

We would love to see your work! For people who have purchased the Hand Drawn Animations pack, we would love to see how you have used it in your productions. Please email us using the contact form with any online links!

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