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Excellent trailer! :)

hey man, great to hear you like it. thank you!

As always, best one ! Good sale to you!

hey friend, you are very kind. thanx :)

wow! great work on this one! I like the energy

means a lot ot hear form you man. appreciated !

Awesome file man! It’s very powerful and has a great atmosphere!

Say, this was amazing. I feel the guardian power all around me… I shudder at the thought while watching this magic.. Great for direct client presentation (on my opinion)... Keep it that way man :)

here is the man :) thank you.

That’s an awesome file ! If only I had a project to use it !

Great job dude! you the man :) but dude,what is space jelly-fish? brrr haha awesome! love your job.


really nice file, before purchasing I just had a few questions.

I noticed the audio is not included, would this cost extra? If so how much? And is it diffuclt to overlay th audio exactly as per the demo video? (sorry Im very new to after effects).


Hello friend, please drop me an email at and I will explain it all to you :)

Hey Mr. Thrill,

I cant seem to find your email info!! Please get back to me.

Thanks, Vishal

HEy friend, go to my profile page. Bottom right there is a place where you can write a message from.

Kind regards inlife

I bought the video, it is great. I would like to have the audio.


hey man, drop me an email thtough my profile page so I can get back at you.

regards, inlife

Love it, can I also get the Audio.


Hi, its a excellent trailer, i would like to have the soundtrack, its so funny ! Car you take me this audio track?

My email :

I purchased this and the files do not work! Please help!

Hello, please message me via my profile page with more information on the problem. Write down any error message you might read.