Grunge Texture Paper 02

Grunge Texture Paper 02

15 Texture : 5 clips 4K size 4096×2304 (Mov.)(JPEG) ,10 clips FullHD size 1920×1080 (Mov.)(JPEG) NTSC 29.97 Frame/sec
- Fine_Recycled_Paper_Brown_Texture_4K_Loop_5_Sec
- Fine_Recycled_Paper_Brown_Texture_Zoom_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec
- Old_Book_02_Texture_4K_Loop_5_Sec
- Old_Book_02_Texture_Zoom_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec
- Old_Book_Texture_4K_Loop_5_Sec
- Old_Book_Texture_Zoom_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec
- Old_NoteBook_Line_Texture_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec
- Old_NoteBook_Line_Texture_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec_Invert
- Old_Paper_Black_Texture_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec_JPEG
- Old_Paper_Black_Texture_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec_Alpha
- Old_Paper_Texture_4K_Loop_5_Sec
- Old_Paper_Texture_Zoom_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec
- Old_Recycled_Paper_Brown_Texture_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec
- Recycled_Paper_Tape_Texture_4K_Loop_5_Sec
- Recycled_Paper_Tape_Texture_Zoom_FullHD_Loop_5_Sec

Easy to use in any Compositing program.
Import file, place it over your footage and use it with additive blending modes(multiply/overlay/burn) in preview mode multiply

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01.Enjoying the Ride
02.Vintage Motorbiker
03.Sexy Afro American Girl In Shorts On Roller Skates
04.Retro Stylized Sexy Girl On Roller Skates
05.Girl In Skimpy Shorts Jumping On Roller Skates
06.Low Angle Shot Of Roller Skating Girl
07.Shoot Handles Vintage Camera 2
08.Smiling Girl With Afro Resting On Promenade
09.Studio Sound Vu-meter
10.Beautiful Teenage Model beautiful-teenage-model/11731010?s_rank=1”>
11.Family Spending Time On The Beach
12.Horse Racing – Track Curve
13.Senior Woman Filming With Retro Video Camera
14.Woman Running On Wooden Pier At Sunset
15.West Coast

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