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Nice one!

Best wishes:)

Do you have tutorial available if I purchase this? To help me with changes etc…

Sure i have. But i create from 3ds max.

Can you make a version with a white background? :)

I need one urgently

Can you put white background in after effect Program ?

I don’t have any video editing programs…

Can you make the video but have a white background ?

ok but can be tomorrow?

Yes, thank you so much!!!

Where i can sent file to you? because file is very big.

Drop box?

or Send a file?

You have ftp?

Hi I would like to get a tutorial first before purchase, so I could see if it fits with the video I am editing. Is it possible to send this to me as a sample?

WOW i want it!! can you create one with MANGOS ? and how much cost ?

hello, i love the tree! i am not a video-person and i need the tree growing on plain WHITE background. is this possible to get somewhere? Thank you!