Discussion on GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle

Discussion on GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle

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first your work is crazy bro keep going like that But i have a little problem how do a scale the footage to get 720 p ^

My pleasure bud. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks again!

Hey Underground, in After Effects, the settings may be in draft mode. Now, draft mode in 4K still looks sweet. Draft mode in 1080p and 720p looks much more pixelated. However, change the resolution to FULL, and you should see it clear up.

Thank you so much!

Yay, I am number 100, what do I win :)

This looks great and perfect for putting together some things for our new horror film festival.

Do you have plans for any further bundles?

I sent the e-mail hopefully you got it :)

Hey Joe, I most certainly did. Did you not receive the email I sent? It was this morning. Let me know bud.

Well it seems my e-mail has been playing with again, I now see it there. maybe just my eyes :)

Do you know where I can get hold of the following fonts, as they are no longer available on the sites inked to in the PDF:

Footlight MT Light

Copperplate Gothic

caslon antique

Ignore that. For some reason I missed where you can download all the fonts in a single zip file

Okay, got it! :)

Me again :)

Can the presets also be used in Premiere?

Hey there! Great template indeed – but I have major problems when importing the stuff into AE on my PC – seems all of your .mov files are not working anymore on PC since they banned mov there for AE. Any chance you can convert the stuff into working mov (uncompressed) or send the files AVI instead, because currently the whole package is not working on PC unfortunately.

I am using the latest AE Version of 2018.

Ok cool. Email me that way I can send you some files to test on your end

Hey Bud! Just anted to make sure my email came through. I sent it a little while ago. Sometimes the emails can get stuck in the email ether. :)