Gradient Glass Logo Reveal. 10 Ready Color Presets.

Gradient Glass Logo Reveal. 10 Ready Color Presets.

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No-Plugins trendy animated logo reveal in which a square piece of glass flies out with your logo against the background of geometric objects. Perfect for creative modern companies that position themselves as a company for young people. Music track not included. Get music here:

1.) Yellow and blue color palette.

Will be suitable for gaming channels. Or creative and modern news sites and blogs.

2) The poisonous green color

Is very popular among fans of computer parts. For such companies or Instagram accounts that review various cool and technological gadgets.

Personally, I have associations with sophisticated computer units.

3) White

The light white, clean and quiet colour scheme has several advantages.

First of all, it is perfect for almost any logo with any color.

The second does not distract the viewer’s eyes from your logo. This color template is perfect for stylish furniture salons, perhaps realtors who specialize in selling real estate in the clean room. By the way, it is very suitable for journalists because the white color is similar to paper, plus the texture of the objects is also similar to paper.

4) Creative

This color scheme looks very complicated and rich. Because there’s a color change between scenes.

The pattern looks more expensive and more complex. This style is somewhat more restaurant, more evening-like, but less conservative at the same time. Purple and turquoise colors are perfect for a cafe or a bar aimed at young, progressive people.

5) Blue

Now that’s a completely corporate style!

It’s suitable for any company that doesn’t want to take much chances with flowers. Psychological cyan and blue colors have always been associated in people with reliability, confidence. But the trendy style itself will certainly help your company to look though in conservative colors, but at the same time quite modern and fashionable.

6) Orange

This style is extremely unorthodox and will not suit everyone. But at the same time, it looks quite defiant. Personally, I associate this template with the evening kitchen or some evening children’s education. Or a bar with orange walls, it’s up to you.

7) Bright Red.

To be honest, this very color palette was the inspiration for the template. It is ideal for all kinds of cosmetics, advertising lipstick, powders, carcasses. Different beauty salons and in general the beauty industry and women’s salons. Such as hairdressing salons, manicure, pedicure, hair dyeing etc. Very passionate, but at the same time feminine pattern.

8.) Dark pink or more coral tone.

A variation of the previous pattern, but probably more intimate. For relaxing massage salons or evening women’s podcast, in short something like this.

9) Dark Black and White.

Just like with the light pattern. Totally monochrome solution. Perfect for any logo in any colour. But just like the example, you can see that this template looks better with white logos.

10) White Blue .

It’s also a fully corporate solution, but I’d say it looks more like the company is doing something about water. Namely swimming pools or a bathroom cleaning company.

Templates, which I highly recommend:


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