Discussion on Golden Titles V.2

Discussion on Golden Titles V.2

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Very beautiful project!

many thanks!

Looks very good!

Thanks a lot!

Very Nice work!

I am glad to know that!

Nice Work!!! Wish you all the best!!

Thank you a lot comrade!

Beautiful work!

Thanks a lot!

Really useful project! Success with sales!

Thanks a lot! That’s nice to hear :)

Cool project and titles !!!

Thanks a lot comrade!

Love this. How do I double the height of the comp? I have tried doing so but the top and bottom of my title gets cropped off.

Hi, Thank you for purchase.You can scale composition of Text(or Team) in “_Main Render” composition.

Steep work. I hope that others like it, too, you are good fellows

Thanks comrade!

is there a way to lengthen the titles? I want them to last longer than 8 sec

Hi, Yes, write me at and I will send you info how to do this.


When I’m rendering only Team_1 with Team_1 selected work area, I’m not getting the Text Slide effect Initial text slideout is not working but in the end text slide in is working fine

Even for Team_2, Team_3 and Team_4 also not working. When in render the composition “_MAIN RENDER” This effect is not working but when get into compostion Team_1 and check the effect it is working fine.

Also is there a way to increase the lengthen of the titles?

could you please look into this and resolve this asap.

Hi, yes, you can increase length, I sent tutorial to your email.You are the first who are telling that project not working:) check your email, I have answered you

Hey I’m not telling that project is not working everything is working fine, except the Team Text,I’ve emailed you can you please check email and let me know the solution for that

Look at email please, I send you instructions what to do to fix problem.

I see that this comes with the plugin version as well, is this version using Trapcode Particular to generate the particles? If so, would I be able to adjust the particle settings if I already own Trapcode?

Hi, Yes, plugin used for generating particles. Also you can use pre-rendered version of project that do not need any plugin.